A Mother’s Mission

first_img Stay Connected with the Daily Roundup. Sign up for our newsletter and get the best of the Beacon delivered every day to your inbox. When Jodie Barwiler woke up to find her son Coty Piasecki slumped over in her living room, still gripping a grilled cheese sandwich he had made the night before, she knew in the pit of her stomach that this was it.She walked through the living room, scolding her 20-year-old son for drinking too much the night before and passing out in front of the television. She pushed him and yelled at him to wake up.His body was cold to the touch.Barwiler frantically called 911 and then dialed her fiancé, Kelly Fisher, a trucker who was on the road in Nebraska. She tried to tell him what had happened but couldn’t find the words and collapsed to the floor. Fisher called his father, who lived down the street, and asked him to go the house and find out what had happened.When Fisher’s father arrived, he found Barwiler crying on the floor. She pleaded with her future father-in-law to wake up her youngest son, but there was nothing that could be done. Coty had been dead for nearly six hours following a heroin overdose.More than 4.2 million Americans have used heroin at least once in their life, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. An estimated 23 percent of people who use it become addicted.On Jan. 12, the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy released data showing that heroin-related deaths had increased 39 percent between 2012 and 2013. Attorney General Eric Holder said the statistics showed opioid abuse was a “growing public health crisis” in the United States.Despite spending more than $1 trillion since the U.S. government declared a war on illegal drugs in the 1970s, thousands of people still die of overdoses every year. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 43,982 people died from drug overdoses in 2012; more than 80 percent of those fatalities were unintentional. Among people between the ages of 25 and 64, drug overdose was the leading cause of death by injury that year.Northwest Montana is lockstep with many of these trends. Derek Dalton, a clinical supervisor at the Flathead Valley Chemical Dependency Clinic, said illegal drug use is more prevalent in the valley than other areas of the state due in part to the growing population. However, exact numbers are hard to pin down. A 2010 report states that 10.7 percent of Montana residents reported using illicit drugs in the previous month, nearly two percentage points higher than the national average.A decade ago, prescription drug abuse was grabbing headlines nationally and in Montana. But Dalton said in recent years he has seen a decline in clients using prescription medicine to get high. For one, prescription drugs have become harder and more expensive to obtain, thus many abusers have returned to substances like methamphetamine and heroin.“People are looking for a cheaper high and so they go back to heroin,” he said.The Piaseckis moved from Ohio to the Flathead Valley in 2007, looking for a piece of the Montana lifestyle that attracts so many to this part of the country. That spring they toured the state, getting to know the area and the local schools. High on the family’s list was a school with a good wrestling program for their two boys, Caleb and Coty. Jeffrey Thompson, a business teacher and wrestling coach at Flathead High School, still remembers his first encounter with Coty, then an excitable sixth grader.“He always had a smile on his face,” Thompson said, recalling that first visit. “I remember him seeing some girls in the school and saying, ‘These Montana girls are super cute. We should move here, Mom.’ I just remember laughing so hard.”That fall Piasecki quickly joined youth wrestling and other sports, including baseball, basketball and football. When he was a freshman at Flathead High School in 2009, he focused on wrestling. His coaches and friends remember a capable athlete with a big heart. Lucas Mantel, 20, was one of Coty’s closest friends and wrestled at Glacier High School. He said some of his favorite bouts were against his crosstown rival.Coty Piasecki. Courtesy Photo.“Whenever (Coty and I) stepped onto the mat, we were not close friends anymore,” Mantel said, laughing. “But we always hugged it out after.”Piasecki also jumped headfirst into the Montana outdoors and family members said his love for nature was immense. He would take any opportunity he could to get outside, either by camping, hunting, fishing, skiing, snowmobiling or hiking.But Piasecki also began to dabble in another recreational activity: drugs. Barwiler, his mother, said she caught him multiple times when he was in high school using marijuana and that she had zero tolerance for drug use. But most of his friends thought little of Piasecki smoking some weed, in part because some of them were doing the same.According to a 2013 survey of more than 600 high school students in Flathead County, nearly 31 percent had smoked marijuana at least once in their lives; nearly 18 percent reported smoking weed in the previous 30 days when the survey was taken.But Piasecki’s use of drugs went beyond marijuana. In his early high school years, Piasecki and some friends began experimenting with prescription medications one of them had gotten for a broken leg.Soon after, Piasecki began using heroin – first snorting it but later injecting it with a needle. He would later tell people it was the greatest high he had ever felt. It was about the same time in 2012 that his parents filed for divorce and his father, Bryce Piasecki, moved back to the Midwest. Barwiler said that might have contributed to his drug use, but she thinks it was only one piece of the puzzle. She said her son had an addictive personality.Barwiler said her son started to sleep more and was always asking for money – heroin in the Flathead Valley can cost upwards of $400 a gram. His personality also changed.“He was so angry,” she said. “He was a lost soul.”Six months after he graduated early from Flathead High as a junior, Piasecki’s drug use hit a tipping point. Barwiler said he was neurotic and often missed work. She gave him a choice: Get his life in order or get out of her house. Piasecki chose the former and Barwiler took two weeks off from work to detox him.Barwiler had completed some research and read that suddenly cutting her son off from heroin would not have any long-term health effects. That does not mean, however, that quitting cold turkey does not have adverse impact. Someone who has become addicted to heroin will go into extreme withdrawal without it. Symptoms include vomiting, anxiety, sweating, a lack of motivation and drastic mood swings.“It was hell,” Barwiler said of the detox. “I had never seen the devil until I detoxed him. He was vomiting and shaking. His personality would change, too. At one point he would be fine and then the next minute he was screaming at the top of his lungs.”After three or four days though, Barwiler saw a change in Piasecki’s personality and soon it was clear that the detox had worked. After the detox, Piasecki took a job at Blacktail Mountain Ski Area as a lift operator and spent the winter living, working and skiing at the mountain. Piasecki stayed clean for much of the season, but that changed almost immediately when he came home. Within a few weeks he was regularly shooting up again.Throughout 2013, Piasecki’s addiction worsened. Family members said he was working just enough to supply his habit, but other than that he was aimlessly coasting through life. Barwiler was constantly trying to get him to quit using heroin, even going as far as following him around town to see what he was doing.By Jan. 11, 2014, she had had enough. After going shopping with a friend, Barwiler went home and tried to commit suicide by overdosing on Xanax. When Piasecki found her later that day, Barwiler did not have a pulse. The family rushed her to the hospital where she was revived and then spent five days on a ventilator.“I had never done heroin a day in my life but that drug was absolutely ruining my life,” Barwiler said. “I knew Coty was going to die and there was nothing I could do to fix it.“I could see him slipping through my fingers,” she said.Barwiler’s suicide attempt scared Piasecki and, for a little while, it seemed he had stopped using. But by June his addiction had again hit a tipping point and his mother and her fiancé gave him another ultimatum – either choose heroin or family. Piasecki again chose his family and they detoxed him a second time. He stayed clean for a few weeks and soon started working for Montana Helical Piers, working on projects in Washington, Wyoming and North Dakota. The company had a strict substance policy and would often drug test employees. As far as his friends and family could tell, Piasecki stayed clean until the fall of 2014.In early October, during a break from work, he was at Barwiler’s house and something slipped out of his pocket: a piece of tinfoil used to burn and inhale heroin. Barwiler and Fisher confronted him about the foil and he admitted he had relapsed. However, he insisted that he didn’t want to use any more and so they gave him another chance.Friends of Piasecki who used heroin with him said it is not surprising that he relapsed when he came back from long work trips.“It’s really hard to come back to the Flathead Valley and not use,” said one of his friends who asked not to be identified in this story.“For me to stay clean when I’m back here I can’t even leave my house without seeing something or someone that is a trigger,” said another friend who also wished to not be identified.On Oct. 30, 2014, Piasecki returned after another long work trip and spent the next few days with his family. On Halloween night they went to Scotty’s Bar in Kalispell for dinner and then Piasecki spent the rest of the night at home with his mother. The following day, on Nov. 1, he went out and got a haircut before cutting wood with a friend. At some point during the day he started drinking heavily and some friends said they met him at a bar not far from his mother’s house that afternoon.That evening Piasecki called his mom to see if she wanted to meet him for a drink. She declined and said that she was going to stay in for the rest of the evening.At some point during the next few hours, Piasecki acquired some heroin, burned it on a piece of tinfoil and either smoked it or injected it. The heroin he had gotten from a dealer was called “China White” and was, according to friends, probably some of the most potent drugs he had ever consumed.At about 1:15 a.m., Piasecki went home and slammed on his mother’s bedroom door. When Barwiler came out she found her son drunkenly making a grilled cheese sandwich in the kitchen. The two made small talk for a few minutes and she asked what his plans were for the next day. He told her that he would go to church with her in the morning.Piasecki finished making his sandwich and walked into the living room. He placed the sandwich and a beer on the coffee table and sat down on the couch. As he did, he probably began to feel tired as his respiratory system began to fail. Soon after he slumped over and stopped breathing. Piasecki was dead by 1:30 a.m., less than 15 minutes after he talked to his mother.Piasecki’s death shocked friends and family, including those who had used heroin with him.“Out of all the people we hung out with, Coty was the one we never thought would overdose,” a friend said. “He had a job and was doing things with his life. He seemed to have a life outside of drugs.”Since Piasecki’s death, some friends have said they quit using drugs, but Barwiler said there are others like her son who have not stopped and she hopes by telling her story, that will change. On Feb. 25 at 6 p.m., Barwiler and a handful of guest speakers will hold an event called “A Mom Speaks Out” at Gardner’s Auction in Kalispell. Barwiler said just because her son has died doesn’t mean she will stop fighting against a drug she believes is tearing apart families in the valley.“I don’t want anyone to feel the way I do,” she said. “He should have never died this way and if I can save one mom or one family from ever having to bury their child because they died at the hands of this heinous drug then it was worth speaking out.”Barwiler said since she decided to tell the story of her son’s struggle with addiction and drug use, many parents in the community have been reaching out to her. She said she hopes the upcoming event will encourage people to form local support groups for addicts and their families.She said the outpouring of support from parents like her is what keeps her going. As she sat in her living room last week – the very room in which her son died three months earlier – she reached for her phone to read one of the messages someone had recently sent her.“The thing that really gets me is I’m waiting for the same thing to happen to my son that happened to Coty,” the text read. “I’m sorry to say that but I’m preparing for it. None of these kids are learning from Coty.” Emaillast_img read more

Tuesday Wrap: LaDre Stanford becomes Avoca’s all-time leading scorer; Avon’s Connor Taylor records double-double and then some

first_img Subscribe by Email Tuesday Wrap: LaDre Stanford becomes Avoca’s all-time leading scorer; Avon’s Connor Taylor records double-double and then some By Donovan Moffat on December 4, 2018No Comment Share on Facebook Add to Google+ Leave a Reply Cancel ReplyYour email address will not be published. Print This Postcenter_img Follow on Facebook MCQUAID (2-0) 78WILSON MAGNET (0-3) 76Trailing 61-55 entering the final eight minutes of play, Jermaine Taggart connected twice from behind the arc. His catch-and-shoot trey on the break made it a two-point game at 63-61. READ MORE. LEADERSHIP ACADEMY (2-0) 83WAYNE (1-1) 72Leadership’s Kennyh Hardeman scored 10 of his team-high 22 points in the second quarter. Rondell Watson finished with 18 points scoring 12 in the first quarter. Shamir McCullough added 17 points scoring nine in the fourth quarter. Wayne’s Jaiden Burlee scored a game-high 24 points scoring nine in the second and third quarters and also recorded five rebounds. Logan Blankenberg had a double-double with 22 points, 13 rebounds and seven assists. Other scorers: Leadership- Marquise Sabalier (15), Maurice McKinney (11). Wayne- Nick Carmichael (15), Billy Thomson (5), Louis Reding (3), Logan Holgado (3).RUSH-HENRIETTA (0-1) 63GATES-CHILI (1-0) 69Gates-Chili’s Adam Williams finished with a game-high 21 points and hauled in seven rebounds. Keith Slack added 16 points with five assists, and Devin Walton had 10 points and five rebounds. Rush-Henrietta’s Shamire Broyld finished with 20 points. Tyshaun Searight had 12 points. Nyles Goodwin added 11 points and Eddie Beverly had 10 points. READ MORE.BISHOP KEARNEY (0-1) 57FAIRPORT (2-0) 73Fairport finished the third quarter on a 12-0 run and put the game out of reach for Bishop Kearney. Fairport’s Vanzell Johnson and Stefan Milinkovic each had five in the third quarter. Johnson scored a game-high 21 points cashing in seven in the second quarter and was nearly perfect from the line making seven of eight. Milinkovic added 17 points and finished seven of seven shooting with three three-pointers. Bishop Kearney’s Kidtrell Blocker ended with a team-high 19 points and went four of five from the free throw line. Miles Monchecourt also added 14 points. Other scorers: Bishop Kearney- Jamal Williams (7), Miles Rose (5), Michael Gentile (4), Deiontray Dixon (4), Antwan Williams (4). Fairport- Andre Starks (8), Ryan Lucey (8), Ryan Kennedy (6), Brett Heininger (6), Max Molisani (4), Kevin Gibson (3).GLOBAL CONCEPTS (Section VI) 88NORTHSTAR (2-0) 105Northstar’s Miles Brown recorded 15 of his 30 points in the third quarter to bring his career total to 2,272 points. Brown also had 11 rebounds and had eight assists. Twin brother Michael Brown had 24 points and nine assists. Sophomore guard Sean Smith scored a career-high 24 points. BLESSED MARY (Section VI) 59DESTINY (0-3) 55ROCHESTER ACADEMY (1-1) 83LIMA CHRISTIAN (0-1) 15Four players from Rochester Academy finished in double digit points as Rochester Academy cruised for its first win of the season. Daniel Garcia had 22 points. Albert Tomlin also had 22 points. Qumauri Thompson and Joseph Vazquez each added 12 points.WATERLOO (1-1) 80BATH-HAVERLING (0-4) 50EAST ROCHESTER (2-1) 53SODUS (0-1) 49Sodus’s Paul James scored a team-high 17 points and Lonnie Logins added 15 points. Other scorers: Sodus- Marcelus Burton (7), John Molisani (4), Marquese Burton (2).AVON (3-0) 81PAVILION (3-2) 52One game after posting a triple-double, Avon’s Connor Taylor recorded a double-double with a game-high 25 points and 13 rebounds with nine steals and nine assists. Zach Colvin nearly recorded one of his own scoring 10 points and grabbing 9 rebounds. Andrew Rowland had 17 points with five rebounds and Nick Rowland recorded 14 points with five rebounds. Pavilion’s Ryley Elliott recorded a team-high 22 points and Colby Tillotson had 12 points. Taylor had 17 points, 18 rebounds and 11 assists in Avon’s 80-57 win over Rochester Prep last weekend.WARSAW (1-3) 32MT. MORRIS (1-0) 55Cameron Regal’s team-high 12 points gives Mt. Morris its first win of the season. Justin Martin added 11 points for the Blue Devils while Jansel Martinez and Dylan Cicero each had 10 points. Other scorers: Mt. Morris- Collin Young (9), Jose Cruz (2), Steven Soto (1).CAL-MUM (3-0) 65PERRY (0-2) 52LEROY (1-0) 55KESHEQUA (1-1) 23LETCHWORTH (0-1) 35GENESEO (1-1) 48CANISTEO-GREENWOOD (0-2) 39AVOCA (5-0) 79Senior LaDre Stanford became Avoca’s all-time leading scorer surpassing Section V Hall of Famer Chris Sullivan’s 1,423 points. Avoca jumped out to a 20-7 lead after one quarter of play, using a full court press. Avoca pulled away in the second quarter with a barrage of three-pointers and outscoring the Redskins 26-9 for a commanding 46-16 lead at halftime. Stanford finished the first half with nine points, six rebounds and five assists. Brady Brandow and Tristan Stark led the Tigers with 14 and 10 in the first half. The second half saw more of the same as Avoca dominated on both ends of the floor. They led 68-26 at the end of the third quarter. Stanford finished with 17 points, eight assists and seven rebounds. Brandow knocked down five three-pointers and finished with 17 points. Stark scored 16 points and grabbed eight rebounds. Stowe scored 13 points and passed out six assists. ALFRED-ALMOND (2-0) 50HAMMONDSPORT (1-3) 49 Final/OTThe game remained close throughout but in the end, the Alfred-Almond Eagles won at the last second. Leading scorer for Hammondsport was Parker Watson. He finished with 18 points and Johnathon Wells scored 11 points. Top scorer for Alfred-Almond was Dylan Guthrie with 18 points with four assists and one rebound. Isaac Little had a double-double with 17 points with 10 rebounds, one assist and one steal. Other scorers: Alfred-Almond- Devon Bloom (8), Arnold Saint-Phard (6), Kyle Margeson (1).JASPER-TROUPSBURG (2-1) 39PRATTSBURGH (1-0) 54ANDOVER (1-2) 76WHITESVILLE (0-5) 38Andover’s Chris Calladine led the way for the Panthers scoring 16 points with four assists, three rebounds and three three steals. Preston Ordway also added 16 points with one assist, four rebounds and one steal. Colby Walker finished with 10 points, three assists, two rebounds and four steals. Marc Givens was a point away from finishing with a double-double. He finished with nine points, one assist, 10 rebounds, two blocks and one steal. Whitesville’s Jesse Pensyl finished with 10 points, two assists and four steals and Robert Whitesell also added 10 points with a steal. Chris Gullett added nine points with three assists and a steal. Other scorers: Andover- Spencer Cook (8), Grady Terhune (6), Chris Walker (6), Noah Greene (3), Gabe Halsey (2). Whitesville-Colby Gaines (4), Brendal Jackson (3), Thomas Dubois (2).HOUGHTON (1-1) 25FILLMORE (2-0) 76WELLSVILLE (2-1) 50OLEAN (Section VI) 60BARKER (Section VI) 36ELBA (1-0) 62OAKFIELD-ALABAMA (0-2) 40PEMBROKE (1-0) 47FRANKLIN (0-1)EDISON (0-1)ROCHESTER PREP (0-1)C.G. FINNEY (3-1) Connect on Linked in This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. 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Vakatawa at 13, Fickou to wing it

first_imgVakatawa at 13, Fickou to wing it  0  0 Virimi Vakatawa will start in the midfield alongside Arthur Vincent for France’s Six Nations clash with Wales in Cardiff this Saturday.With Vincent switching to 12, Gael Fickou shifts to the wing in the absence of injured pair Rattez and Penaud.Meanwhile, there could be debuts off the bench for Jean-Baptiste Gros and Dylan Cretin.France  – 15 Anthony Bouthier, 14 Teddy Thomas, 13 Virimi Vakatawa, 12 Arthur Vincent, 11 Gael Fickou , 10 Romain Ntamack, 9 Antoine Dupont, 8 Grégory Alldritt, 7 Charles Ollivon (c), 6 François Cros, 5 Paul Willemse, 4 Bernard Le Roux, 3 Mohamed Haouas, 2 Julien Marchand, 1 Cyril Baille.Subs: 16 Camille Chat, 17 Jean-Baptiste Gros, 18 Demba Bamba, 19 Romain Taofifenua, 20 Dylan Cretin, 21 Baptiste Serin, 22 Matthieu Jalibert, 23 Thomas Ramos.Photo: Lynne Cameron/Getty Images ‘ ‘ ‘ Virimi Vakatawa Five one-cap Boks that could still represent South AfricaSA Rugby MagUndo Posted in Six Nations, Top headlines, Tournaments Published on February 20, 2020 center_img Post by SA Rugby magazine Shop Bras Online | Search AdsTake a Look at These Bra and Panty SetsShop Bras Online | Search Ads|SponsoredSponsoredUndo ‘ GoGoPeak10 Most Beautiful Cities You Should Visit Once In Your LifetimeGoGoPeak|SponsoredSponsoredUndo Watch: I wanted to rip Jean’s head off – Jaque FourieJean de Villiers and Schalk Burger share some epic memories with former Springbok teammate Jaque Fourie on the first episode of season two of their ‘Use It or Lose It’ show.SA Rugby MagUndoLoans | Search AdsLooking for loan in Hong Kong? Find options hereLoans | Search Ads|SponsoredSponsoredUndoCNAHow is life for Cambodian boy linguist after viral fame?CNA|SponsoredSponsoredUndo贷款| 搜索广告在香港獲得貸款可能比您想的要容易贷款| 搜索广告|SponsoredSponsoredUndoShop Bras Online | Search AdsBrilliant Bra and Panty Sets (take a look)Shop Bras Online | Search Ads|SponsoredSponsoredUndo熱門話題對肚腩脂肪感到後悔!試了在萬寧賣的這個後…熱門話題|SponsoredSponsoredUndo ‘ AlphaCuteOprah’s New House Cost $90 Million, And This Is What It Looks LikeAlphaCute|SponsoredSponsoredUndo ‘ 熱門話題不要被酵素騙了!在萬寧賣的「這個」直接針對脂肪…熱門話題|SponsoredSponsoredUndoWorld Cup-winning Bok quartet in Eddie Jones’ all-time XVSA Rugby MagUndoAaron Smith names South African as greatest World Cup scrumhalfSA Rugby MagUndoLife Exact BrazilGrace Jones Is Now 72 Years Old, This Is Her NowLife Exact Brazil|SponsoredSponsoredUndolast_img read more

Confirmed: Australia to host Rugby Champs

first_img  1843  213 The Boks face Australia in Perth ‘ Watch: Kolbe makes Test players look amateur – Ugo MonyeFormer England wing wing Ugo Monye says Springbok wing Cheslin Kolbe is one of the most devastating runners in the game ever.SA Rugby MagUndoLoans | Search AdsLooking for loan in Hong Kong? Find options hereLoans | Search Ads|SponsoredSponsoredUndoLife Exact BrazilGrace Jones Is Now 72 Years Old, This Is Her NowLife Exact Brazil|SponsoredSponsoredUndoThe Family Breeze餐桌上嘅敵人: 十五種最致命嘅食物The Family Breeze|SponsoredSponsoredUndo熱門話題不要被酵素騙了!在萬寧賣的「這個」直接針對脂肪…熱門話題|SponsoredSponsoredUndoCNAHow is life for Cambodian boy linguist after viral fame?CNA|SponsoredSponsoredUndo Sanzaar has confirmed the Rugby Championship is set take place in Australia, in November and December this year.The confirmation followed a detailed assessment of tournament hosting submissions from New Zealand Rugby and Rugby Australia, Sanzaar said in a statement. The tournament was moved from its traditional August-September window due to the ongoing effects of the global COVID-19 pandemic.The matches will be played within the recently announced World Rugby sanctioned southern hemisphere playing window of 7 November to 12 December. The tournament will comprise a six-week, 12-match, ‘home and away’ tournament involving Argentina, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.Sanzaar CEO Andy Marinos said: ‘We are delighted that Sanzaar can at last confirm the participants and host country for The Rugby Championship and put an end to continued speculation about the tournaments’ format and location.‘Traditionally it’s played as an international, cross-border series of home and away matches between Argentina, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa but due to the pandemic this is obviously not possible this year.‘We have, therefore, worked very hard as a group to ensure TRC takes place this year, albeit in one country, and Sanzaar was meticulous in assessing the two options for hosting presented to it by New Zealand Rugby and Rugby Australia.‘Sanzaar ultimately determined that based on government required quarantine protocols [for entry and training prior to the tournament] and commercial underwriting, the Rugby Australia submission was the most desirable and workable in terms of tournament logistics for the essential pre-tournament preparation period and the six-week tournament itself.’READ: Boks’ Rugby Champs participation still TBD Posted in Rugby Championship, Springboks, Teams, Top headlines, Tournaments BuzzAura16 Cancer Causing Foods You Probably Eat Every DayBuzzAura|SponsoredSponsoredUndo ‘ ‘ Aaron Smith names South African as greatest World Cup scrumhalfSA Rugby MagUndocenter_img ‘ Confirmed: Australia to host Rugby Champs Post by Craig Lewis GoGoPeak10 Most Beautiful Cities You Should Visit Once In Your LifetimeGoGoPeak|SponsoredSponsoredUndo ‘ Shop Bras Online | Search AdsBrilliant Bra and Panty Sets (take a look)Shop Bras Online | Search Ads|SponsoredSponsoredUndo Published on September 11, 2020 ‘ 熱門話題對肚腩脂肪感到後悔!試了在萬寧賣的這個後…熱門話題|SponsoredSponsoredUndoWatch: Springbok centre Jesse Kriel goes full CR7 after excellent trySA Rugby MagUndoFive one-cap Boks that could still represent South AfricaSA Rugby MagUndoAlphaCuteOprah’s New House Cost $90 Million, And This Is What It Looks LikeAlphaCute|SponsoredSponsoredUndolast_img read more

Column: Generosity of spirit

first_img  22  21 ‘ MoneyMorningPaperThe 10 Richest Families Of The World. Especially No. 6 Is A Complete Surprise.MoneyMorningPaper|SponsoredSponsoredUndo ‘ ‘ AlphaCuteOprah’s New House Cost $90 Million, And This Is What It Looks LikeAlphaCute|SponsoredSponsoredUndoWorld Cup-winning Bok quartet in Eddie Jones’ all-time XVSA Rugby MagUndoWatch: Kolbe makes Test players look amateur – Ugo MonyeSA Rugby MagUndo熱門話題對肚腩脂肪感到後悔!試了在萬寧賣的這個後…熱門話題|SponsoredSponsoredUndo Column: Generosity of spirit From the magazine: Jano Vermaak names his Perfect XVFormer Springbok, Bulls, Lions and Stormers scrumhalf Jano Vermaak names a team of the best he played alongside and against.SA Rugby MagUndoLoans | Search AdsLooking for loan in Hong Kong? Find options hereLoans | Search Ads|SponsoredSponsoredUndoLife Exact BrazilGrace Jones Is Now 72 Years Old, This Is Her NowLife Exact Brazil|SponsoredSponsoredUndo熱門話題不要被酵素騙了!在萬寧賣的「這個」直接針對脂肪…熱門話題|SponsoredSponsoredUndoGoGoPeak10 Most Beautiful Cities You Should Visit Once In Your LifetimeGoGoPeak|SponsoredSponsoredUndoCNAHow is life for Cambodian boy linguist after viral fame?CNA|SponsoredSponsoredUndo BuzzAura16 Cancer Causing Foods You Probably Eat Every DayBuzzAura|SponsoredSponsoredUndo Five one-cap Boks that could still represent South AfricaSA Rugby MagUndo ‘ ‘ On and off the field, there have been recent reminders of why I love this game, writes former Springbok STEFAN TERBLANCHE in the latest SA Rugby magazine.READ: What’s in our latest issue?From time to time we can all lose our way along the path of life for whatever reason, and sport is no different. In fact, it is a very intense form of life.The highs after a win or a good season can be almost euphoric while the exact opposite can be said about a gut- wrenching loss or a season when the pre-season hype and off-season signings didn’t quite add up. That’s life and that’s our beloved game of rugby.It will hurt you when you least expect and need it, but it will give you this incredible sense of belonging and absolute high when things fall in place. Recently, I experienced one of those days, and it made me believe once again that rugby is without a doubt the best game in the world payed by the best sportsmen in the world.Rugby Unites was the charity of choice when rugby returned to the South African rugby pitches at the end of September, and for every try scored at Loftus at Super Fan Saturday, Vodacom donated R2 500 to this cause created by SA Rugby Legends president, Gavin Varejes during the pandemic, feeding well over 15 000 families to date.I was blown away by the quality of rugby from the players after more than six months since their last rugby outing, and it was particularly good to see the speed and ability of all the new faces on display.But most importantly, I also knew that with every try scored we could feed another 15 or 20 families.If I thought that the game-day was a treat to be watching rugby again, and counting the number of tries, it only get better the day after when I was able to spend a couple of hours with a few of these players.With the generous donation from Vodacom and after an array of tries, Rugby Unites had a whopping R330 000 to spend on food parcels, and all four rugby unions were there on the day to shop and to pack these parcels for the two chosen charities.I remember that during my playing days we had many community outreach and charitable commitments and very often we treated these like a punishment and couldn’t wait for them to finish so that we could either go back to the training field or rest to get ready to train again.But this was an eye-opener on how this crop of players dealt with commitments like this and I learned so much from every one of them. It was wonderful to see some of the older and more experienced players, some of whom I played with and against, and the younger crew all willing to get their hands dirty.The way they handled themselves to get the 1 000 food parcels packed made me believe once again in how our wonderful game can bring diverse cultures and teams together for one common goal. The day before they smashed the living daylights out of one another and less than 24 hours later they were teaming up to buy and pack 1 000 food parcels for people they have never met before.That generosity of spirit is something to truly appreciate and nurture, particularly when you consider all the challenges many are facing at this time.It reminded me of why I love this game, and all it stands for, when applied correctly by selfless rugby people.*This column first appeared in the latest SA Rugby magazine, now on sale!Subscribe here Published on October 26, 2020 ‘ BabbelLearning a new language this year? – This app gets you speaking in just 3 weeksBabbel|SponsoredSponsoredUndo Post by Stefan Terblanche Posted in Columns, Stefan Terblanche, Top headlines last_img read more

Opportunity Zones investors get a Covid-19 lifeline

first_imgShare on FacebookShare on TwitterShare on LinkedinShare via Email Share via Shortlink Opportunity Zone investors received an extension from federal government because of Covid-19The federal government has extended the deadline for Opportunity Zone investors and developers to deploy capital and begin construction on projects, citing the pandemic as the reason.The rules had required that twice a year the government check to ensure Opportunity Zone funds and investors had steered 90 percent of their money into designated projects as mandated. Now, the Treasury Department and Internal Revenue Service released modifications allowing those funds and investors to hold their money until June 30, 2021.The government had also previously given investors and developers 30 months to make improvements to their Opportunity Zone property in order to qualify for the tax benefits. Now, they have an extra nine months, for a total of 39 months. That doesn’t count the April through December 2020 window, created as a grace period, also because of the pandemic.Investors also now have more time before they have to pour their capital gains into a qualified Opportunity Zone fund. Previously, they would have had to invest capital gains within 180 days in order to be eligible for the tax benefits. Now, investors have until the end of December to steer those gains into an Opportunity Zone fund to qualify for the tax benefits.The modifications and extensions come at a time when property values have plummeted because of Covid-19 and large institutional investors are gearing up to pour big money into distressed assets.The new Opportunity Zones guidelines, there are several in all, came at the request of Republican Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina and eight other Repubican senators. The group — Scott co-authored the original legislation for the Opportunity Zone program — wrote last month to Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig, outlining the need for relief.“It is critical that we provide the necessary flexibility to these entrepreneurs, community-based organizations, developers, and investors to cope with this pandemic and not wrongfully punish Opportunity Zone businesses and funds alike,” according to the May 4 letter.Steve Glickman, an architect of the Opportunity Zones program, said many of the funds in the Opportunity Zone space “have dry powder because we are in the beginning of the new real estate market and there has been a big change across a number of asset classes.” The new guidelines “gives funds the time to adjust their strategy” and get more “deals done,” said Glickman of the Opportunity Zone Funds advisory firm of Develop LLC.The Opportunity Zones program, tucked into the December 2017 tax overhaul plan, drew early attention because of its lucrative tax breaks to commercial real estate investors and developers who invest in distressed areas. It allowed developers to defer or possibly forgo capital gains taxes if they build a new project or substantially rehabilitate an existing project in one of the 8,700 designated Opportunity Zones, and held the asset for up to 10 years.The program, however, didn’t take off like some projected in part because of a lack of clarity about its rules and regulations. Developers also expressed trouble in finding deals that made financial sense because of the high land costs in many Opportunity Zones.Regulations have subsequently been issued, intending to clarify the rules. The Treasury and the IRS released the final set of guidelines in December, which industry pros said would open the gates to more investment.Investment has grown since then. Of more than 600 Opportunity Zone funds analyzed by the accounting firm Novogradac & Company, those funds raised $10 billion, an increase of 50 percent in a year.But the Opportunity Zones program has also come under scrutiny from Congressional Democrats, following media reports earlier this year suggesting it has benefited wealthy developers rather than the low-income communities for which it was intended. TagsCoronavirusOpportunity Zonescenter_img Share via Shortlinklast_img read more

India’s Economic Recession

first_imgThere was a time when India’s Economy clocked double-digit growth in 2006 – 2007 but now our GDP has plunged by -23.9% in growth making it one of the worst among G-20 Countries. We already knew that how Demonetisation had failed to remove black money from our economy, how important critical Data was hidden from us and how Unemployment is increasing day by day in India.From 2018 our GDP growth was going downwards before the Covid Impact. After Covid Impact India faced major downfall on GDP growth because of brutal Lockdown which was a complete failure due to which we are now highest rising in Corona cases.We were already dealing with Tax shortfall as our economy was not growing at all but than Budget 2020 was introduced which headed for biggest Tax shortfall in a decade. GST was introduced for the massive collection but it was opposite, GST collection dipped 19 months low.But there our people who still don’t believe that Make in India has failed, well there is a reason why Big Tech companies didn’t shift from China to India but instead to other countries. India has officially entered the Recession and now we have to focus only on our Economy, nothing else.last_img read more

Fantasy Update: Last-minute Martinsville lineup, props advice

first_imgDenny Hamlin is on the pole for Sunday’s First Data 500 (3 p.m. ET, NBCSN/NBC Sports App, MRN, SiriusXM NASCAR Radio). Is the five-time Martinsville winner worthy of a spot on your roster? How should you navigate the playoff game format? We’ve dissected the numbers to offer a suggested lineup worthy of your Fantasy Live consideration.A reminder that inspection will be Sunday morning and the lineup is not official until inspection is completed. (UPDATE: The lineup is now official.)PLAY NOW: Set your lineup | How the game works | Tips to set your lineupRJ Kraft’s Fantasy Live lineup for race day at MartinsvillePlayoff driver 1: Denny HamlinPlayoff driver 2: Martin Truex Jr.Non-playoff driver 1: Clint BowyerNon-playoff driver 2: Aric AlmirolaGarage: Kyle BuschAlternates for playoff drivers (if one above fails inspection): Ryan Blaney, Chase Elliott, Joey LoganoAlternates for non-playoff drivers (if one above fails inspection): Brad Keselowski, William ByronRELATED: Odds for Martinsville | Lap averages | Weekend previewAnalysis: My roster is consisting of two teams — Joe Gibbs Racing and Stewart-Haas Racing. Hamlin and Busch are two of the best here and have posted solid averages all weekend. Truex’s recent history at Martinsville is extremely favorable as well and his 15- and 20-lap averages were better than his playoff JGR teammates. I gave real consideration to Blaney over Busch for the garage, and if you are looking to zag toward a different play, he’s a great option when you combine sneaky good averages and a solid Martinsville body of work. Elliott was another consideration, but I feel like dropping to the rear for an engine change is basically punting on Stage 1 points. Could be wrong in the estimation, but I’d rather not take the chance.Bowyer is not only the best non-playoff car, but he is also one of the best cars this weekend as he topped the 5-, 10-, 15- and 20-lap average board in final practice. He also scored a win here in the spring of 2018. It feels weird keeping Keselowski out of my lineup after he dominated the spring race, but the 2 camp seemed off a bit in both practices on Saturday. I was initially all-in on him as part of my lineup, but instead I will go with Almirola because I like the minimal fall off across his lap averages in final practice as well as a top-five starting spot.On the bonus picks, I’m taking Hamlin to win Stage 1 and Stage 2 with Truex winning the race and Toyota as the winning manufacturer.Each week in this space, we’ll also highlight two Props Challenge items for players.MORE: Play the Props Challenge today1. O/U 3.5 playoff drivers finish in the top five. I’m taking the OVER here as I expect there to be four and I count Hamlin, Truex, Blaney, Busch and Elliott as the five playoff drivers I could see finishing up there when the day is over — and it’s not a stretch to see Logano there as well. In two of the past three playoff races at Martinsville, four playoff drivers have finished in the top five. The cream tends to rise to the top here, and I expect the same on Sunday. Given that I expect the playoff drivers to be all over the top five, I also expect playoff drivers to lead more laps than non-playoff drivers in this race.2. Which Team Penske driver finishes higher: Ryan Blaney or Joey Logano? I am taking BLANEY on this one. I like his longer run lap averages and Logano has seemed better suited toward a short run here in the past. I realize Logano is the defending race winner, but I just think Blaney has been a tick better so far this weekend.last_img read more

University announces pre-matriculation testing procedures for spring 2021 semester

first_imgThe Notre Dame COVID-19 Response Unit (CRU) outlined their policies for pre-matriculation testing for the upcoming spring 2021 semester in an email to students Monday.Undergraduate and professional students will be required to schedule an appointment to be tested at the University Testing Center as soon as they arrive on campus, the email said. Students may begin scheduling their appointment on Dec. 16 and are advised to do so by Dec. 18.The testing schedule will be staggered based on health and safety protocols.“Based on guidance from public health officials, appointments for on-campus students have been staggered to ensure that, to the extent possible, roommates do not move in on the same day and that no more than 20 percent of a given hall arrives on the same day,” the email said.Doctoral and masters students are not required to complete pre-matriculation testing because of their weekly participation in surveillance testing during their stay on campus during winter break. However, testing is encouraged and will be available to them.All students participating in pre-matriculation testing must self-isolate in their residence hall rooms or off-campus housing until their saliva test results come back. Students are required to use carryout for food or groceries and eat by themselves while they wait for their result.The University will inform students if these plans need to be adjusted due to changing conditions of the pandemic.“With the changing nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, should the University need to adapt these plans in the coming weeks, we will communicate this information promptly,” the email said. “We continue to monitor conditions locally and nationally, and will make any needed adjustments to ensure the health and safety of everyone in our community.”Tags: COVID-19, covid-19 response unit, pre-matriculation testing, spring semester 2021, University of Notre Damelast_img read more

Angels in America Revival, Starring Nathan Lane & Andrew Garfield, Opens on Broadway

first_img Related Shows About the Artist: With a desire to celebrate the magic of live theater and those who create it, and with a deep reverence for such touchstones as the work of Al Hirschfeld and the wall at Sardi’s, Squigs is happy and grateful to be among those carrying on the traditions where theater and caricature meet. He was born and raised in Oregon, lived in Los Angeles for quite a long time and now calls New York City his home. © Justin “Squigs” Robertson View Comments Show Closed This production ended its run on July 15, 2018 Angels in America The new revival of Tony Kushner’s two-part drama Angels in America officially opens at the Neil Simon Theatre on March 25. Directed by two-time Tony winner Marianne Elliott, the production began previews on February 23. Two-time Tony winner Nathan Lane and Tony nominee Andrew Garfield star.Returning to Broadway for the first time since its original production opened in 1993, this new staging had its world premiere in 2017 with London’s National Theatre. The revival features Lane in the titanic role of Roy Cohn, with Garfield as Pryor Walter, Lee Pace as Joe Pitt, Denise Gough as Harper Pitt, James McArdle as Louis Ironson, Susan Brown as Hannah Pitt and Nathan Stewart-Jarrett as Belize. The role of the Angel is shared by Amanda Lawrence and Tony nominee Beth Malone.To celebrate the beloved play’s Broadway return, Broadway.com Resident Artist Justin “Squigs” Robertson sketched a portrait of the starry cast giving Kushner’s epic work a new life on Broadway.last_img read more