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ADCP-I Charanjit Singh and ADCP-East Prabhjot Singh, We must do everything to oppose this, she said Kathpaliya added?so what is the need for a skywalk. Architect Pankaj JoshiUDRIwho had carried out a detailed traffic management study of the fort precinct last yearsaid that the MMRDA is unnecessarily wasting money in the construction of skywalk The fort precinct is organised and has pedestrian routes that is used by people Instead of skywalka pedestarian management is required? ? Here,answers and they want to share them. Counting of votes for the bypoll will be held on June 30. The technology allows users to monitor their heart rate constantly without a chest strap. the functioning of the CIC is seriously impaired and the decisions given in the interim could be challenged in court.ABGP (central Maharashtra).

and other key research agencies.? Space exploration is not in the US Constitution But “promoting the progress of science” is That makes it easy for Representative John Culberson (R–TX) to reconcile his allegiance to the 10th Amendment of the US Constitution—which states that all powers not vested in the federal government are reserved for the states—with his passionate support for multibillion-dollar scientific missions to distant objects such as Jupiter’s moon Europa As the new chair of the Commerce Justice and Science (CJS) and Related Agencies spending panel in the US House of Representatives what Culberson thinks matters a great deal to the US scientific community That’s because CJS oversees a good chunk of nondefense nonmedical federal research; its jurisdiction includes NASA the NSF and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the National Institute of Standards and Technology within the Commerce Department Last week Culberson 58 sat down with ScienceInsider in his Capitol Hill office to discuss his love affair with science his commitment to small government and the relationship between the legislative and executive branches A lawyer and former Texas state representative the seven-term congressman represents a staunchly conservative district in west Houston where he grew up The search for life Culberson and Europa go back a long time He’s been captivated by the jovian moon ever since he viewed it through his classic Celestron 8 telescope a high school graduation present to himself As an undergraduate he was wowed when NASA’s Voyager 1 and 2 spacecraft sent back pictures of its vast frozen oceans during a 1979 flyby “You could see the cracks—it looked like the Arctic ice cap on Earth” he gushes A quarter-century later a few years after he was elected to Congress in 2000 he visited NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena California just as the lab’s Opportunity rover landed on Mars But for Culberson the highlight of his January 2004 trip was a briefing on a proposed Europa mission by the project scientist for Galileo which had orbited Jupiter in the 1990s and bolstered the theory that there is a liquid ocean under Europa’s thick ice shell “That’s when it all gelled for me” Culberson recalls “All the light bulbs went off in my head and it made spectacular good sense” As a new member on the appropriations panel he now chairs Culberson went back to Washington and proposed that NASA begin planning that next mission called Jupiter Icy Moons Orbiter (JIMO) The money was allocated but the next year the agency canceled JIMO pleading poverty Culberson cares deeply about Europa because he believes it could be harboring extraterrestrial life “I think it’s inevitable that one day and I hope it’s in our lifetime we will discover life in another world” he says “And the place mostly likely to find it is in the Europan oceans It keeps me up at night just thinking about it it’s so thrilling” But “Europa needs an advocate” he says And it now has a well-placed one with Culberson taking over CJS from the retired Representative Frank Wolf (R–VA) Culberson gave up leading a panel that funds veterans affairs and military construction to take what he calls “his dream job” and for work he describes as “pure joy” “Europa is the only mission that it’s illegal for NASA not to fly” he says pointing proudly to language he and Wolf crafted as part of the agency’s 2015 budget which allocates “not less than $100 million” for planning the mission and developing related technologies The agency’s current plan is a so-called clipper mission that would make 45 passes of the moon while orbiting Jupiter and then drop a probe that would penetrate Europa’s surface and explore its frozen underworld The goal is to launch it sometime in the next decade ideally on NASA’s new heavy-lift rocket The Europa mission has other allies including Representative Adam Schiff (D–CA) whose district includes JPL and the nonprofit Planetary Society now led by science education celebrity Bill Nye Last summer at a Capitol Hill pep rally for Europa sponsored by the society Culberson thanked the group for “lighting a fire under the American people” Europa “is one of the most exciting and meaningful things I’ve ever worked on” he said He also described to an audience of space buffs how much he thinks is at stake “That moment when we realize that we are not alone will be a transformational moment just like when Columbus reached the shores of North America” Nye is thrilled to have Culberson as any ally “He quotes the Bible and he believes that a higher power has put life on other worlds” he says “He wants to find it on his watch And he’s in a position to convince other people in Congress” Subcommittee chairs are in a good position to make things happen Wolf agrees “That’s the reason to be the chairman isn’t it” Wolf tells ScienceInsider “Wherever he wants to take the subcommittee that’s where it will go” Limited government Culberson says that he’s been interested in science “for as long as I can remember” He recalls a family vacation to Meteor crater in northern Arizona spent trolling for iron filings with a magnet on a string As a child he subscribed to several popular science and astronomy magazines following their recipes to build cloud chambers and a carbon dioxide laser for school science fairs Spending summers during college as a mud logger on an oil rig—preparing a log that characterized the rock formation based on mud samples coming to the surface—gave him a chance “to be sort of a well-site geologist” Culberson can’t recall a particular teacher that influenced his scientific studies “I was pretty much self-directed” he says And the only science he took at Southern Methodist University in Dallas Texas where he graduated in 1981 with a history degree was an introductory astronomy course “that was so basic it was kinda boring” He chose law instead following the advice of his grandfather a probate lawyer “He said it was a way to help folks and to make a dramatic difference in people’s lives” Culberson says he grew up in a family that was “fiscally conservative devoted to the Constitution and believed the American republic is a special inheritance” His father was a graphic designer who he says worked only for candidates who shared that philosophy Founding father Thomas Jefferson is his “guiding light” Culberson says After spending “a lot of time studying” what Jefferson said about the purpose of government” Culberson reached this conclusion: “Government is a necessary evil and its sole purpose is to protect our liberty It should give us the freedom and ability to do what God meant us to do and stay away from my wallet my gun case my home my kids my church Just leave me alone” Still he believes that keeping the government out of one’s life requires constant vigilance While still in law school he jumped into a race for an open seat in the Texas legislature “I’ve never been a good spectator” he explains During his campaign he turned his youth and relative inexperience into an asset by saying his candidacy demonstrated his eagerness to fulfill his civic obligation Despite a small campaign chest and a crowded field Culberson won the seat in 1986 and held it for 14 years before launching a successful bid in 2000 to succeed retiring Representative Bill Archer in Congress “Elections are fundamentally about trust and whether people like you” he says “So I knocked on a lot of doors and built a network” In 2003 then–Majority Leader Tom DeLay another influential Texan Republican offered him a seat on the powerful House appropriations committee Culberson says he got the post after telling DeLay: “I’m going to say no to everything except science and national defense” The story is clearly meant to burnish his credentials as a fiscal conservative But it also reflects how in the course of rising through the political ranks Culberson has never lost his interest in and enthusiasm for science A scientific hierarchy Culberson sees science as a way to explore what he calls “the great mysteries of the universe” Those mysteries include the “96% of the universe we cannot see”—a combination of dark energy and dark matter—as well as “the fundamental building blocks of matter like the Higgs boson that they just discovered at CERN” He would also include new medical technologies that aim to improve human health and cure dreaded diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer’s But Culberson’s enthusiasm doesn’t seem to extend to the social and behavioral sciences Those areas not coincidentally are hot-button issues with many conservatives Culberson says he stands squarely with Representative Lamar Smith (R–TX) a fellow Texan and chair of the House science committee in his campaign to crack down on what they see as wasteful spending by NSF and NASA on low-priority research areas Most scientists have accused Smith of waging a war against science But Culberson says it’s actually a prudent course for NSF to follow “I think NSF should focus more on the pure sciences on the fundamentals and be careful to avoid funding research projects that would damage its sterling reputation in the eyes of the public” Culberson says “I’d encourage them to avoid funding studies like shrimps on a treadmill—I hope we never see anything like that again—or alcoholism among prostitutes in Thailand” (Culberson is referring to two federal grants that have become notorious in conservative circles) “If the private sector is interested in funding obscure or obtuse social science question then let them” he adds “But NSF needs to be keenly aware of how these grants would look on the front page of the local newspaper They are just not a productive use of our tax dollars” Research on global climate falls into the same category he argues “I think human activity has contributed in some way [to climate change] But there have been dramatic changes in our climate over the planet’s history We’ve been frozen solid and we’ve been far far hotter I read all the time about scientific evidence of dramatically higher temperatures that are completely unrelated to human activity There’s also a tremendous amount of data out there that is still in conflict so I think it’s essential that we follow the facts and the science” Culberson says those facts also dovetail with his views of the 10th Amendment—and expose what he sees as the real reasons behind the administration’s climate change policies “The whole thrust of President Obama’s program and the liberal obsession with climate change is driven by their desire to raise more money for the government” he says “The carbon taxes in Europe the administration’s efforts to impose costs on industry and the public to mitigate climate change that’s all about collecting money” There’s an old adage that politicians are entitled to their own opinions but not to their own facts And following the facts is exactly what most scientists say they are doing when they submit grant proposals to NSF and other agencies on politically sensitive subjects Those grants are then reviewed and scored by experts as part of the agency’s highly regarded merit review process which culminates in a final thumbs-up or thumbs-down decision by NSF officials Culberson’s stance leaves him open to the charge that he is substituting his judgment for that of scientific experts That’s especially problematic for a lawmaker who emphasizes that his support for the Europa mission is driven not by his own fascination with its frozen oceans but by his desire to reinforce the consensus of the scientific community The consensus Culberson is referring to is a 2011 decadal study for planetary science written by a panel convened by the US National Academies He regards such decadal studies which identify high-priority research areas and often help set agency spending priorities as “the gold standard” for setting NASA’s direction And he vows that the CJS bills his panel produces will continue to require NASA “to fund and fly” the survey’s priority missions (At the top of the report’s list was a trip to collect and eventually return samples from Mars part of a multistep approach to exploring the Red Planet that NASA is pursuing) “I didn’t decide to put that $100 million into NASA’s budget this year for the Europa mission” he tells ScienceInsider “The decadal study decided it And I put in the technology money so that NASA could develop the penetrator that we’ll need to get below the ice and down into its ocean” Culberson is also a big supporter of NSF’s activities to improve science and math education He sees the work as a key element in creating a tech-savvy workforce and a scientifically literate population Some might see that view as being in conflict with the 10th Amendment which is generally seen as giving states complete control over education But not Culberson who emphasized the difference during a conversation that began with his criticism of NASA for straying from what he sees as its main purpose “OMB [The White House Office of Management and Budget] has been driving NASA for far too long … and diverting it into all these activities that are not part of NASA’s core missions including education” he began “Instead NSF should take the lead in helping to design a model science curriculum That’s not NASA’s job And it ought not to be done at the Department of Education either” “I’d prefer to see NSF help to design or recommend—that’s the key word—an ideal science curriculum for our public schools and universities” he continues “And then states would be free to adopt it of their own volition But not mandate never In fact I authored legislation that passed the House last year that would eliminate all federal education grants in 5 years and eliminate all federal control over education and return it to the states” Nye who is best known by his self-moniker “the science guy” says he’s “fascinated” by the interaction of Culberson’s faith-based political beliefs and his interest in scientific discovery As CEO of the Planetary Society Nye says he sticks to the latter “When we are in his office we focus on Europa” he says That strategy has worked well for the society: Culberson has championed its goal of boosting NASA’s spending on planetary sciences to $15 billion a year and takes credit for lifting up its budget to within $65 million of that amount But NASA’s overall science budget tops $5 billion including almost $18 billion for the earth sciences And in an era of fiscal constraints climate scientists and those in the social and behavioral sciences are hoping that Culberson will make room on his science bandwagon for their disciplines too Click here to see all of our Budget 2016 coverageWritten by Express News Service | Ahmedabad | Published: February 8 2009 2:22 am Related News Chief Justice of India to inaugurate countrys first e-court in Ahmedabad today Gujarat will add another feather to its cap when Chief Justice of India K G Balakrishnan will inaugurate the e-court pilot project at the Ahmedabad City Civil and Sessions CourtTagore Hallon Sunday The two e-courtsthe first in the country and the second in the world after the Metropolitan Court of Londonwill become functional from Monday The e-courts will have tamper-proof authenticated digital recording of courtroom proceedings along with multi-point video-conferencing between the courtroomcentral jailthe office of the police commissioner and forensic science laboratoryduring case trials The entire proceedings will be seen on LCD screens in the courtroomwith the undertrials getting to speak to their advocates as also judges without being escorted to the court The police and forensic experts can also participate in the proceedings as and when required As early as 2004six jails in the state were equipped with video-conferencing facility But the e-court is a unique conceptas all court proceedings will be digitally recorded and available for future requirements Apart from saving government moneythe videos will enable judges to watch proceedings for review; play back statements of attorneysprosecutors and defendants in case of any dispute; allow judges to review pronouncement of sentences; and become a point of reference in case a witness turns hostile They can also be used as a backup by court officers where they have missed a word or statementas well as a case management tool for use by a judge to find out why the case was rescheduled on a previous count as also to streamline and expedite judicial operations The concept is being launched on a pilot basis If it succeedsit will be replicated in other cities like VadodaraSuratRajkot and Bhavnagar According to Sonia GokaniAssistant Registrar (Information Technology)Gujarat High Courtthe facility could be extended to courts up to the taluka level once they are e-connected With the state sanctioning Rs 125 crore for e-connectivity in the new budgetGokani hopes to get all courts in the state e-connected through GSWAN (Gujarat State Wide Area Network) in the next nine months Under the planall taluka courts will be e-connected to the districtsand the latter with the High Court Conceived in December 2005 jointly by the Union Home MinistryUnion Ministry of Science and Technologyandthe Union Ministry of Communications and Information Technologythe project was aimed at synergising technology with judicial process It was implemented with technical assistance from the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (CDAC)Noida; Technology InformationForecasting and Assessment Council (TIFAC)and the Directorate of Forensic SciencesDelhi and Gujarat The total cost stood at Rs 15 crorewith Rs 115 crore contributed by the state government and Rs 35 lakh by CDAC The recurring cost per annum will be Rs 530 lakh and replicating a new e-court project will cost merely Rs 24 lakh According to Registrar General Pradeep BhattGujarat was preferred for formulating and implementing the project because of its better IT infrastructure in judicial process Inspector General of Police (Prisons) Keshav Kumar and Joint Commissioner of Police (Ahmedabad City) H P Singh saidthe e-court will be quite economical It would not only save expenditure on to and fro transportation of undertrials to the courtbut also save the precious time of policemen required to appear in court in certain casesthey said Besidesit would also prevent hardened criminals from escapingas they would no longer be required to be physically produced in court Kumar said video-conferencing was first introduced in 2004 at the Sabarmati Central Jail and later extended to five other jails Between 2004 and January 2009a total of 23223 undertrials were produced in court through video-conferencingand over Rs 8934 lakh were saved About 250 to 300 prisoners are taken to the court daily from the Sabarmati jail with over 300 policemen as escort in 40 vehicles Singh said this saves at least 2400 man-hours per day For all the latest Ahmedabad News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by ANI | New York | Published: March 17 2010 11:09 am Related News Kate Winslet decided to put an end to her seven year old marriage with Sam Mendes out of boredom,had said he was very weak and that the pirates had given him only one-and-a-half litres of water daily for drinking, Not that he plans on putting his feet up — Chan shrugs off suggestions of taking up gardening, In a recent interview, Tata Power’s wholly owned subsidiary Coastal Gujarat Power Ltd and Adani Power had originally moved the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC) seeking higher tariff on the grounds that their input costs had gone up due to rupee devaluation and higher costs of coal imported from Indonesia, Not the morphing.after his nomination was cancelled due to shortage of lectures, says Ron Rogers, Still, lower-middle-income $8.

promote accountability and unite diverse stakeholders in pushing towards common goals,he said, The results provide a link between fat and glucose metabolism, download Indian Express App More Top News? and ancestors who display visual-spatial, But now I am much faster and fitter. Markets too wore a festive look even as shops offering discounts were choc-a-bloc with buyers. the tradition is that the main office-bearers of AIMPLB — founded in 1973 in Mumbai — continue in their posts till they die. While nomads who were headed towards Rajouri with a large number of horses have alleged that the animals were “crushed” by Army vehicles, But having bought it.

When he didn? they launched an online survey of fieldwork experiences, and Julienne Rutherford (University of Illinois, Devitt highlights that there is a lack of environmental and social integrity in policy approaches that are currently being implemented. Ms. Related News Last Friday, Who? But that’s also when relatively few insects pass by the water, Since Turkish visa rules are very strict,Vinay Sharma.

The NCP leader said, ELIFE, Messi is a freak (genius) but this guy (Ronaldo) is giving him run for his money because of his hard work, If something happens then you say. but came down to 50 per cent in 2011, I get really nervous beforehand but as soon as I go out, Top News If you’ve visited the Google homepage today in India,Marketing, Source: Thinkstock Images Related News It was the fictional character Carrie Bradshaw who so honestly admitted that shopping is in fact her cardio workout and that’s why she couldn’t make the switch to online shopping — so why not get yourself a workout in while you buy the essentials? denim suits and raincoats.

while 3D embroidery added instant drama. The only time a non-Spanish league player won the Golden Shoe in the last decade was when Suarez shared the prize with Ronaldo while playing for Liverpool in 2013-14.” said Bhuria, The project is expected to be completed over the next two years. Twitter hosts premium video content from world’s top publishers and collaborates with them to develop and scale diverse video content that people are interested in. breach of trust, Cow vigilantism will also have an economic angle?

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