First Friday at Syrup Trap serves up waffles — and karaoke

first_imgCombining waffles and karaoke may sound as absurd as eating a grilled cheese sandwich while swimming. But to Syrup Trap owner Joey Grimaldi waffles and karaoke are a natural fit.Grimaldi believes that karaoke allows people to bare their souls and work through their feelings. “This is the missing piece about karaoke that everyone misses — karaoke is extremely therapeutic. Some people go to therapy and some people go to karaoke. Karaoke is a lot cheaper.”Grimaldi offers free karotherapy (healing through karaoke) every First Friday at his cafe, Syrup Trap, 1104 Main St. in downtown Vancouver. Syrup Trap serves sweet and savory liege waffles as well as coffee, beer and wine in a family-friendly venue (all ages are welcome for the entire First Friday show).Seeking free therapy, I arrived at Syrup Trap on First Friday in January. At around 5:45 p.m., Grimaldi dimmed some of the lights and turned on a swirling light machine. Jen Baker stepped up for sound check. Baker is petite (about 5 feet tall) with a shaved head, black leggings decorated with white skulls and a Batman T-shirt sporting a pin that said “They, Them, Their” — making preferred pronouns obvious to everyone.Baker, as everyone calls them, has a voice of crystal transfigured by sunlight — a clear and dazzling kaleidoscope of sound. Baker sang “I Will Fix You” by Coldplay. As Baker returned to their seat, someone commented, “How’s anyone going to do better than that?”last_img

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