Cloak and Dagger Investigate Their Own Pasts Through Others

first_imgA run for his life. #[email protected]— Cloak & Dagger (@CloakAndDagger) July 6, 2018Tyrone’s story this week is heartbreaking. Because even though Duane was working for the cop who killed his best friend, he did have a point. Justice wasn’t an option for him. He took the only path life gave him. And Tyrone is not OK after witnessing Duane’s death. He’s clearly traumatized, even more so by having the same cop that shot is brother now firing shots at him. He teleports out of the way of the bullets, and eventually ends up back at the church. Even Tandy, wrapped up in her own world as she often is, immediately spots that something’s wrong. Tyrone is silent and unmoving. When she tries to touch him, the same mix of light and shadow that blocked her from the door in Mina’s dad’s mind pushes her back. That’s a nice little tease for next week to leave us on.There was only one element of last night’s episode that really didn’t work: The framing device. Every segment is introduced by a conversation between Evita and her aunt. After her rendezvous with Tyrone, her aunt can sense his energy on her. So we spend the entire episode watching one long, slow voodoo reading. All to tell us that there’s some kind of threat approaching the town, and just as before, two linked people are the only hope of stopping it. Wasn’t there some way to show us this, rather than just telling us? It’s nice to know that the story has grander designs than Tandy and Tyrone correcting the systems that led to their childhood trauma, but this sequence doesn’t really tell us anything. It lets us know that Evita will pry deeper into what Tyrone’s been up to, but we figured that anyway. I would also have liked more than a single scene and an ending cliffhanger of Tandy and Tyrone together. We’re six episodes in, and Cloak and Dagger are still operating solo. Even though we know how good they are together. On the bright side, it looks like that’s all changing next week. Tandy needs Tyrone to see what’s locked away inside Mina’s dad’s mind. The entire point of this episode was to get us there. It’s an exciting premise, and this show has already proven it has the cast and directing it needs to capitalize on it.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Every show has a setup episode. An hour of television whose main purpose is to set things up for the next one. To get all the characters and storylines where they need to be for some event. This isn’t the first time Cloak and Dagger has had one of these, but it’s the most its felt like it’s only purpose was to put pieces in place for something else. It’s a necessity in serialized storytelling, but there’s a way to do them well. And Cloak and Dagger found it. In getting us ready for what’s to come, it focused on its biggest strength: Its characters.Tyrone and Tandy are still going about their own independent investigations, but they have similar methods. Tandy poses as an intern to Mina Hess, and talks her way into working alongside her. Tyrone tries to find work in his brother’s friend Duane’s warehouse. The one, you’ll remember, is secretly trafficking drugs throughout the city for Detective Connors. Unlike Tandy, he doesn’t get hired. He tries to follow one of the suspicious characters wandering the shop, but he’s not so stealthy when he’s not using his teleportation powers. The drug runner notices he’s being followed, and Tyrone ends up with a gun in his face.(Freeform/Skip Bolen) AUBREY JOSEPH, DALLON J. HOLLANDFortunately, the episode doesn’t waste too much time getting them back together. After his brief scare, Tyrone heads to the abandoned church to think things over. Tandy arrives shortly afterward to change into her rubber wading gear. Even for this one brief scene, the two indulge in some fun banter. They get each other up to speed on their respective marks, and Tandy gives Tyrone some good advice. He has superpowers, why not use them? Use the drug runner’s nightmares against him to get some leverage. What he should do with that leverage, we won’t find out until later.Tandy’s investigation isn’t turning out to be as easy as she hoped. Mina Hess is incredibly nice, but suspiciously cagey when it comes to her past or her exact dealings with Roxxon. To be fair, Tandy’s questioning is a little bit on the blunt side. She couldn’t be any more obvious in fishing for information if she had a pole and lure. Still, it’s a little strange that every time Tandy asks about Mina’s father, the oil rig explosion or her exact job with Roxxon, she changes the subject immediately. It’s only when they’re out of earshot, and when she confirms Tandy signed an NDA, that she tells part of the truth. Roxxon isn’t drilling for oil. There’s another element under the city that burns a lot hotter.(Freeform/Skip Bolen) OLIVIA HOLTAs much as Tandy insists Mina’s her mark and not her friend, it’s fun to watch the two women get to know each other. Sure, it’s based on a lie, but there’s a genuine admiration and respect forming here. Especially when, after a Roxxon employee named Stan calls Mina a bitch for pointing out a costly and potentially dangerous mistake, Tandy uses her dagger to slash his tires. What’s the good of having superpowers if you don’t use them for petty revenge? The more Tandy talks to her, the more she starts to like her. It sounds like Mina really is trying to do some good. She’s just working under the wrong people. She also sees right through Tandy. She knows too much about how to read schematics. Her questions get too specific and personal. Mina figures out exactly who Tandy is, and calls her out as soon as they’re alone.Fortunately, Mina actually is the good person she appeared to be. Once she realizes who Tandy is and what she wants, she’s sympathetic and obliging. She takes Tandy to see her father. He’s catatonic, unresponsive, and humming the same melody over and over. Tandy uses her power to look into his hopes. All she sees is a yellow metal door. When she tries to open it, a shadow that looks a lot like Tyrone’s power repels her. She’s going to need Tyrone’s help to see what’s inside. All this was to set things up for next week’s episode. But hey, for a set-up episode, it’s a very well-constructed one. “The world keeps on pushing us together.””The world keeps on pulling us apart.” #[email protected]_holt & @aubreyomari— Cloak & Dagger (@CloakAndDagger) July 6, 2018 Ouch. #[email protected]_holt— Cloak & Dagger (@CloakAndDagger) July 6, 2018The plot may not move forward all that much, but we got a couple touching character stories. Tyrone decides to try another tactic in his investigation. His reading of the drug runner’s fears doesn’t prove too useful, aside from scaring the dude away. It does give us a nice little horror scene in the middle of all the intrigue, though. We don’t know what that ghostly white figure is, and I guess we’ll have to wait and see if we ever find out. It is a nice little summer scare, though. It’s scary enough to make the drug runner drop his backpack, which Tyrone uses to join up with Duane. It’s an educational drive where Duane tries to paint a sympathetic picture of his business. He’s just doing whatever he needs to do to survive.Tyrone understands that but only to the point where he finds out that Duane also saw his brother get shot. That means he knows Connors is responsible, and he still chooses to work with him. Tyrone is an understanding dude, but that’s a few steps too far. He confronts Duane about working with the cop that killed his best friend, but Duane argues he had no choice. The show doesn’t really get to unpack this though. As interesting as really hashing out this argument could have been, that’s not the story this show’s telling. Before they can get into it, they’re interrupted by the sudden arrival of Connors.(Freeform/Skip Bolen) EMMA LAHANA, J.D. EVERMORESee, our titular superheroes aren’t the only ones investigating either. Detective O’Reilly is digging into the coke ring she uncovered when she picked up that club girl last week. Her hookup buddy is getting worried about her, though. He warns her that her investigation is attracting attention from some dangerous people in the department. That discussion adds a nice sense of danger to her scenes this episode. When Connors takes a sudden interest in her investigation, it’s concerning. The scene starts to feel dangerous when he offers to ride along with her to investigate a lead.After a shakedown of Duane’s drug runners that’s all for show, Connors leads her right to Duane’s warehouse. Only he goes in first and tells Duane to kill O’Reilly right as she walks in the door… all while Tyrone hides behind a wall, hearing the whole thing. He tries to warn her, but she doesn’t pick up her phone. Fortunately for her, she’s got quick reaction times. Unfortunately for Tyrone, that means he has to see yet another young black man, someone he used to look up to, gunned down by the police. O’Reilly must know she’s onto something now. The question is will Tyrone be able to trust her after reliving the worst moment of his childhood? 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