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first_imgWinter is coming! Or, as most of us tend to see it — the season of gifts. Chances are pretty good that if you’re here, you’re either geeky or know someone who is. So we’ve assembled a list of things we think would be great buys for all kinds of nerdy-folks. From the tech-obsessed to the comic fans, here are our top picks. Keep in mind that we’ll be updating this page over the coming weeks and months to give you plenty more ideas if none of these quite fit.Undertale LullabiesUndertale was, without question, one of the best games of last year. That was, in part, thanks to its phenomenal sound track. There’ve been a handful of remix albums made by fans, but the Prescription for Sleep: Undertale was professionally arranged and performed by Metal Gear Solid composer Norihiko Hibino. Even if you’re not looking for a down-tempo album to help you get to sleep, these are some of the best remixes around. If you’re at all a fan of Undertale or know someone who is, this is definitely worth a look. You can get a preview of one of the title track, “Undertale,” here.$10 from Scarlet Moon, Buy it Here GalliumYeah, we’re seriously just recommending you buy a small hunk of metal. Weird, huh? But if you’re not familiar with it, gallium is actually really, really cool. It’s a silver metal that melts right around 85 degrees Fahrenheit. In other words, you can own a chunk of metal that will actually melt in your hands. And, unlike mercury, it’s not too toxic. I mean, don’t go eating it, obviously, but it’s not going to harm you if you’re just holding it. The metal is obviously a novelty unless you’re looking to do some serious chemistry, but it’s not too expensive and I’ve used it for some fun pranks like handing someone a melting spoon.$9.99 from Amazon, Buy it HereLight Side/Dark Side Light SwitchSo this is for those the Star Wars but who also likes novelty household items in your life (c’mon, I know you know a few). But if you wanted to get a bit more creative with it, you can put this over a dimmer switch and dance in the middle. I mean, I know grey Jedi haven’t been covered much outside the expanded universe, but Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic‘s Jolee Bindo is cool enough that I’d do that just in his honor.$21.50 from Amazon, Buy it HereStargate Spinner RingAnyone out there a Stargate fan? If so, and you’ve got quite a healthy budget for them, why not get them a Stargate spinner ring? As in the shows and 1994 film, the gate’s rings spin to lock in wormholes to other planets. Unfortunately the ring isn’t quite fully functional… yet.$124.99 from Think Geek, Buy it HereThink Geek’s Bag of HoldingThink Geek is one of the best resources around for nerdy merchandise, and the Dungeons and Dragons-themed Bag of Holding is one of their most iconic products. I got one of these back in college when I needed a new messenger bag to haul my dorky headphones, my gargantuan 18-inch laptop and a set of clothes to change into after all-night gaming sessions. It took one helluva beating over the years, but it’s still my go-to satchel. These thick canvas bags are tough, and, like their fictional namesake, they can hold way more than you ever thought possible.$49.99 from Think Geek, Buy it HerePokemon Gym BadgesIf you’re trying to be the best like no one ever was, then you’ll need a set of gym badges to prove your mettle. This set, available on Etsy is for the Johto region (that would be the setting of Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal) just because it happens to be my favorite set. But these things are pretty easy to find for any of the regions. Just make sure you know which set your giftee likes the best!$45 from Etsy, Buy it HereGeeky Coffee Table BooksIf you’re the kind of geek that hosts cocktail parties and well-to-do events, you’re probably going to want some snazzy coffee table books for your guests to flip through. Two of our favorites are Geek-art An Anthology: Art, Design, Illustration & Pop Culture which looks at nerdy art over the years and Super Graphic: A Visual Guide to the Comic Book Universe, which includes tons of awesome infographics detailing various facts and relationships from comics.$31.56 from Amazon, Buy it Here“Nobody exists on purpose” framed cross stitchRick and Morty fans will no doubt recognize this hopelessly existential quote from episode 8, “Rixty Minutes.” It perfectly encapsulates the fatalistic philosophy of the show, but when put into a nicely framed cross stitch pattern, the juxtaposition just kills me. There’s only a few of these left, so grab one while you can.$40 from Etsy, Buy it HereAutomatic underbed nightlightAlright, so this one’s just damned practical. If you’ve ever stubbed your toe in the middle of the night, you know how much that sucks. But with a simple kit you can permanently solve that problem by equipping your bed with an automatic light that turns on when you get up. How great is that?$64.50 from Amazon, Buy it HereSuper Magnetic puttyWho doesn’t love magnets? What about putty? Wouldn’t it be great if you could have both?! Corny intro aside, I loved stuff like this as a kid. I used silly putty to copy and paste newspaper articles onto walls… and I used magnets for all kinds of weird nascent-geek experiments. This is some cool stuff and the kids probably won’t be able to muck with your walls so… yeah.$14.00 from Uncommon Goods, Buy it HereAdult coloring booksColoring books aren’t just for the chitlins anymore. Adults have realized that when they’re favorite characters have been brutally slaughtered, or their ships from canon to fanon, they might need a way to unwind. Enter, adult coloring books. It’s still a coloring book and you have to stay inside the lines and stuff, but now you have… more adult themes. Like Game of Thrones!$13.09 from Amazon, Buy it HereICE portable speakerOkay so this isn’t technically a licensed Star Wars thing… but I mean… look at it. That’s R2-D2’s head for sure. Plus the speaker floats. And it sounds pretty damned good. If you’ve got the cash for it, you too can have the most adorable bluetooth speaker system for your living room.$149.99 from Amazon, Buy it HereBioluminescent AquariumBioluminescent animals are the absolute coolest, but there’s a catch. Most only live in the deepest parts of the ocean. Which, quite famously, is a place we can’t. But if you’ve got a bit of patience to wait a few weeks for these microorganisms to adapt to your loval climate, you can replicate living on the ocean floor and get a really cool lamp that glows with a soft blue at night. After the initial investment, you just need to buy nutrients from time to time to keep these little ones fed.From $59.95 at Uncommon Goods, Buy it HereTerrariumIt’s been pretty well-demonstrated that having a few plants in your work space helps keep mood up and can make you a bit more productive. But, if you’re like me, you’ve got a cat who, while adorable, loves to get into my plants. A terrarium can help bridge that, protecting your tiny plant from your resident troublemaker. All of the benefits without the surprise of cat-puke in the hallway in the middle of the night.$59.95 from Amazon, Buy it HereGoogle HomeHome is Google’s answer to the Amazon Echo — a smart device that searches the web, can order food for you, or give you basic advice on just about anything. And all that for $40 less than Amazon’s Echo. The base is gorgeous, blending modern design aesthetics with functionality. If you’re into home automation and further integrating the internet with your daily life, Google Home is an awesome addition.$129.99 from Google, Buy it HereIronate Pizza CookerListen, I like pizza. Statistically speaking, so do you. But making the perfect pizza at home can be pretty tough — and time-consuming. Even the frozen pizzas from the grocery store usually take 20 minutes to cook through. But, Ironate is a nifty little thing that lets you cook up your favorite Italian knock-off food in just three minutes. It works because pizzas are a food that’s essentially been designed for wood-fired brick overs — and they burn at over 800 degrees. If you’re cooking up a pizza at home, you’re probably not going past 450. Stoves of any sort can reach far greater temps in a couple of minutes, and if you trap that heat effectively, you can cook a pie thoroughly in just a few moments.$139 from Ironate, Buy it HereMagic Wand TV remoteHave you ever wanted to shout “Stupefy” while changing the channel to the presidential debate? No? Just me? Okay… well if you wanted to pull that stunt with a bit more flair, you can pick up this Harry Potter-inspired wand-TV remote hybrid. It recognizes certain gestures as channel and volume changes, etc. You won’t get too many advanced TV features out of it, but isn’t that worth it to feel like you can control your TV with MAGIC?!$79.99 from Think Geek, Buy it HereOfficial Star Trek Tea“Tea. Earl grey. Hot.” Those are some of Picard’s most iconic words from Star Trek: The Next Generation. And now you can make like your favorite (he is your favorite, right?) starship captain and make your own cup of English black tea. Plus you get a snazzy collector’s tin. So, that’s cool too.$28.98 from Amazon, Buy it Here“Don’t fuck up the table” coastersWe all have that one friend who gets a little too obsessive with their coffee table. Like, you’ll come in with a room temperature water bottle that won’t possibly leave any kind of ring or damage, and they’ll freak out and yell at you for not using a coaster. This is the gift for them. It’s a little passive-aggressive, sending the idea that they’re a bit too touchy about their table, but it’s so abrasive they’ll (hopefully) probably get a decent chuckle out of it.$16.99 from Amazon, Buy it HereCrabs Adjust HumidityWe all know about Cards Against Humanity — the over-played party game we’ve all been a bit bored with for like two years. I mean it was great, but there’s only so many combinations you can get before you’re just over it all. Crabs Adjust Humidity is essentially the same basic idea, but the cards are way more off-the-wall and lends itself to absurdist humor. It’s a great time. But yeah, you’ll probably be bored in a few more years, but in the interim, you can give your parties in the shot in the arm.$36.81 from Amazon, Buy it HereSmart Desk KitBy now, you’ve probably heard about all the positive health benefits to a standing desk, right? But, chances are pretty good when you started looking into them you got a bit of a sticker shock. Standing desks, especially the adjustable kind can often cross the $1,000 mark. Not exactly affordable. With this kit, though, you can build your own for just a couple hundred. You can add other features, too if that’s your jam, like built-in charging stations and a bag holder, but the base model is an excellent deal and comes with an electric motor to adjust your desk height.$199 from Autonomous, Buy it HereArctis HeadphonesThe Arctis gaming headset is a new line of headphones from manufacturer Steel Series. The company is on the young side, but it’s made huge leaps over the past few years with stellar products like the Siberia 800. With the Arctis, the company’s streamlined the basic design of its headsets, made them a lot more comfortable, and brought in the excellent drivers (that would be the bits of the headphones that actually make the noise) from the Siberia line. That’s notable because a set of Sibera 800s can run just shy of $300, while the Arctis line runs from $79.99 to $149.99. So no matter how you slice it, that’s a damned good deal.From $79.99 on Amazon, Buy it HerePancake Bot Pancake PrinterThis thing prints pancakes in any shape you want. I want to say more, BUT IT PRINTS PANCAKES IN ANY SHAPE YOU WANT. Bonus points if you mix in bacon and make ’em bacon pancakes.$235.98 from Amazon, Buy it HereCryptography gearIf you’re a mega cryptographic dork, or just a paranoid denizen of the digital age, you might want to invest in a more old-fashioned layer of security. You can get all kinds of things from Cryptex including this USB drive and even a dead drop capsule. It can be good for a bit of fun in a gift, especially if you’re passing it off to a particularly clever youngster that loves a challenge.$79.95 from Amazon, Buy it HereWhiskey BarrelAging your own whiskey at home has become an increasingly popular trend. I’ve been doing it for the past couple of years myself, and after plenty of blind taste tests, I can say that it definitely adds another character and dimension to your drink. Sometimes that’s a good thing, sometimes it’s not, but when it works out (try Jameson or Knob Creek) it’s a dream. If you’ve always wanted to get into fiddling with your own recipes, a whiskey aging barrel is a great place to start. Just don’t go pouring in Pappy Van Winkle’s. Trust me, you’re not going to make that any more incredible than it already is.$85 from Uncommon Goods, Buy it HereBartesianIt’s a Keurig for booze. No. That’s it. That’s all I need to say.$299.99 from Bartesian, Buy it HereMulti-device Charging StationYou, me, everyone these days has way too many devices. And it can be a pain in the ass to get them all in a good position to charge when you get home after a long day. This is a pretty cheap set-up that gives your gear a good display, keeps them out of the way and gets them all juiced up for tomorrow.$39.99 from Amazon, Buy it HerePowerline Ethernet AdapterIt can be pretty tough to get decent internet in every part of your average home. Wifi is often terrible and doesn’t go too far, and Ethernet cords snaking throughout the place are an inelegant solution at best. And for the longest time your solutions came down to one or the other.Recently though, a third option has popped up. You can actually send cat videos and gifs all throughout the home using your power lines. You just need a home with good quality cabling (newer homes are better). Some adapters will have different strengths. Cheaper ones will require that your connection be on the same circuit (i.e. that the lines in your house hit the two outlets you want to connect before returning to your circuit breaker), while some more expensive ones don’t have that restriction.It can be a little tough to work out depending upon how the circuits in your home look, but it’s a relatively cheap, excellent option for lots of folks. I’ve used it for years and I get speeds that are just as good as when I’m wired straight into my house’s router.$59.99 from Amazon, Buy it HereUSB OutletLook, we’ve all got lots of devices that need charging. Between the tablet, the phone, and random other gadgets, it can be a bit much. And carrying around all the chargers for those devices can be a big pain — especially when you lose one. If you have a little bit of electrical expertise, though, you can get an outlet with USB ports built right in.It’s not a game changer, by any means, but it frees up outlets and can make your life just a smidge easier. Worth it, imo.$27.99 from Best Buy, Buy it HereKeyboard cleanerYour keyboard is gross. Look at it. There’s probably dust all in there, you probably don’t rinse it down with rubbing alcohol nearly as often as you should. Besides your phone, it’s the single grossest, most disease-ridden thing you touch on a daily basis.Canned air can help with appearances, but it’s really no substitute for something that can get in all those nooks and crannies. So do yourself and the rest of the people you shake hands with on a daily basis a favor and solve that problem. Rinse your keyboard down with alcohol, then grab something like this gel-based cleaner. It can grab all the little bits of dust and grotty-ness between keycaps. Or, if you’re like me and really, really anal about it… get some Q-tips, soak them in bleach and detail your keyboard about once a week. Either way. Just stop being gross.$1.59 from Light in the Box, Buy it HereCustom designed Xbox One ControllerYou’re a person, presumably. Complex, interesting. Got your own aesthetic and stuff. Probably. If you play a lot of games, especially with a controller, and have the spare cash you might want to try out Microsoft’s Xbox Design Lab. There, you can get a custom Xbox One controller with whatever colors or styles you like.$79.99 from Microsoft, Buy it HereLegend of Zelda WatchBesides Mario and Pokemon, Zelda’s about the most iconic gaming franchise around. People have Zelda wallets, tattoos, shirts, necklaces, and all kinds of stuff. But most of it is… a little gauche, yeah? Like, show your fandom, sure, but be subtle about it. You don’t need to scream about the things you like (unless that’s a thing you like). Having something that looks good first and is a symbol second is ideal, at least for me.If you’re in the market for a watch and a fan of Zelda, you can get a great time piece that is anything but ostentatious.$59.99 from Think Geek, Buy it HereVodka InfuserMost geeks like their booze. For a while there, it seemed like the nerds were singlehandedly driving the American craft beer market. But now that the sector has nearly hit saturation, some are turning elsewhere for their ethanol fix.I, for one, make a lot of my own infusions and liquors. I also get some hipster credit because I’ve been doing it for almost five years… so if you want to jump on this bandwagon (trust me, it’s the next big thing) you can start playing with your own infusions. I’d recommend just buying a bit of vodka or Everclear and directly infusing it on your own to start with to see if you like what comes out, but once you’re past that, there’s tons of great tools that can make the process a little easier.As you go, you’ll learn that the process is all about filtering, so having a device that can infuse without the need for extra straining is a huge help.$23.50 from Amazon, Buy it HereComic Book Style Picture FrameIt’s a bit corny, but I’m sure we’ve all imagined what it would be like if we were actually in comics. I won’t say something stupid like “WELL NOW YOU CAN JUST BUY THIS THING,” but if you’ve got some goofy pics of you and your friends, you can definitely spruce them up a bit, and add captions or speech bubbles. Then you can have your favorite inside joke right alongside the moment that inspired it. It’s not the same as being in a comic book, but it’s cute if you’re into that kind of thing.$14.98 from Amazon, Buy it HereUSB Type C/3.1 FlashdriveFlash drives are the best. If you’re hanging around with friends and you suddenly decide that you ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO WATCH SPEED RACER RIGHT NOW. AGAIN, but you can’t be assed to go grab the Blu-Ray, it helps to have a portable copy ready to go at all times. Or, if you’re a bit more scrupulous, you can just use it for boring stuff like holding work files or keeping all the programs you need on-hand and ready to install quickly on any computer.But, there’s a problem. USB isn’t quite as universal as it once was. The Type C connector, while super awesome, isn’t backward compatible with any other port — at least not without an adapter. But there are some drives that allow you to switch connectors based on what you need. It’s not an attachment or anything, so there’s nothing to lose. One side is USB 3.1, the other is Type C. Pretty damned convenient.$21.23 from Amazon, Buy it HereHTC ViveThe Vive is only a good idea if you’ve got plenty of cash to burn. VR is still in its infancy and while there’s some excellent stuff out there, it’s got a ways to go yet. But, if you’re itching to give it a shot, the Vive is by far the best headset on the market. It uses two scanners to give room-scale VR, meaning that you can walk around and play in a 10x10ft (ish) space.And there’s already some really cool stuff that takes advantage of that. Like Tilt Brush, a google-developed program that lets you paint and sculpt in VR and then walk around your creations. There’s also Space Pirate Trainer, a Galaga-inspired shmup that’s an absolute blast. For most folks it’s not worth the $800, and you also have to consider the beefy gaming PC you’ll need to run the headset. But if you’ve got the cash, the computer and the space in your house, VR is really, REALLY cool. Just don’t expect the Matrix quite yet.$799.99 from Amazon, Buy it HereCyberoptixA great tie should make a statement. It should be bold but not aggressive. Cyberoptix has excellent options that range from printed periodic tables to cellular structures. All made with high-quality silk. If you’re feeling really snazzy, they’ve also got pocket squares, scarves, and other formal wear accessories.Varies from Cyberoptix, Buy it HereHP Spectre x360HP’s Spectre x360 is everything you need in a workhorse laptop. With a gorgeous screen, 360-degree hinge, 12 hour battery and tons of other features, it’s a great laptop for everything from keeping you company on long-haul flights or for when you need to crank out a paper on the go.$1189.00 from Amazon, Buy it HereDell XPS 13There was a time when Dell was synonymous with chintzy. But after some rough waters, Dell’s done their due diligence and come back with some excellent laptops. Dell’s XPS 13 in particular is a tough, powerful, 13-inch powerhouse, and an excellent choice for those who need a lot of power in a light package.$799 from Amazon, Buy it Herelast_img

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