Minister Delivers New Text Book for Physical Education

first_imgNova Scotia students hold centre court in a new physical education textbook being distributed to high schools across the province beginning this week. Active Healthy Living: Physical Education in Nova Scotia is the province’s first resource developed to directly support physical education, which was made mandatory in high schools this year. “This engaging, informative textbook contains images of Nova Scotia students and teachers in action, along with a wealth of health-related information that I know will encourage young people to stay active throughout their lives,” said Education Minister Judy Streatch. The 250-page hardcover book for Grade 10 students addresses a range of topics including exercise science, personal fitness, the promotion of life-long physical activity and nutrition. “At a time of rising obesity levels and health-related problems among our youth, it is essential we raise the profile of health and physical education in our schools and across society as a whole,” said Ms. Streatch. “That’s why it is so important to have high-quality resources, like this textbook, in our schools.” The minister delivered the first books to a Grade 10 physical education class at Forest Heights Community School in Chester Basin, today, Feb. 17. All 4,500 students enrolled in Physical Education 10 will receive a textbook. The book is dedicated to the memory of Lorne White, a Halifax physical education teacher and role model to thousands of students, including the book’s publisher, Keith Thompson. “I had him as a teacher in grades 7 and 8 at the former Armdale Junior High. He was a great role model for me and my classmates,” said Mr. Thompson, president of Thompson Educational Publishing. “This book is not just about getting kids more active, it is also about helping them understand why they need to be active.” Shelly Price, one of Dr. White’s three daughters, and a retired physical education teacher herself, said the family is honoured. “I am sure my father would have considered this a very special moment in his life, knowing how many students he taught over the years and how much impact he had on their lives,” said Ms. Price. “I meet people all the time who tell me they had my father for a teacher and how he helped them believe in themselves and come to reach their goals. This is truly a great tribute to a deserving man.” The textbook and the accompanying teacher manual are among a number of resources, grants and new curricula developed over the past year to support the implementation of the mandatory physical education graduation requirement. Students must earn one physical education credit to receive their Nova Scotia High School Graduation Diploma. High School students can choose from a range of physical education courses including Physical Education 10, Physically Active Living 11, Physical Education 11, Fitness Leadership 11 and Dance 11. Other courses under development include Yoga 11, Leadership 12 and Exercise Science 12last_img

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