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who is accused of shooting dead nine people in a historic black church in South Carolina last year. In the course of investigation, “We worked together as a group and the rule was that before any job was executed,” said Jonathan Henderson, The Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on State, How are you? I am fine Who are you” Bergdahl who was raised a devout Presbyterian even started thinking about converting to Islam says one commander Suspicious at first they asked if it was out of fear or frustration that he wanted to convert “He told us ‘Your way of life has impressed me and I want to live like you’” And then last fall Bowe Bergdahl escaped Learning Pashtu in Idaho Back in Hailey Bob Bergdahl was also learning Pashtu He scoured websites and militant chat rooms looking for information He kept delivering packages for UPS as familiar and warm a face around Hailey as ever but getting Bowe back had become his mission in life He read up on the border region’s history and politics and culture information that he then used in his own video directed at Bowe’s captors “Idaho is so much like Afghanistan” Bob Bergdahl says speaking of the wild mountainous environment that both places share and that Bowe loved “The similarities will help him We hope that will be what sustains him” Friends and neighbors in Hailey say the videos of Bowe have been both comforting and torturous to the Bergdahl family They prove that Bowe is alive but they are also a visceral reminder of just how far away he is Sherry Horton one of Bowe’s closest friends says she takes comfort in seeing Bowe’s beard grow “It’s nice to look and to be able to see in the different videos the beard growth that tells you the passage of time” Bob Bergdahl has started growing his own beard in solidarity “His faith seems to be intact” says Bergdahl of his son “In his videos he’s mentioned his faith in God and that means a lot to us We think the Taliban and these Pashtun people can identify with that And I hope they can respect him for that I hope they continue to treat him humanely” Hailey’s support for Bowe Bergdahl has never wavered during his nearly three years in captivity Zaney’s River Street Coffee House where he once worked as a barista has become ground zero for the campaign to get him back The cheerful flower-bedecked clapboard building boasts signs in the window that read STANDING WITH BOWE AND GET BOWE BACK That solidarity and respect for the Bergdahls’ decision to stay quiet until now partly explains why their story has remained largely out of the public eye The Departments of State and Defense lobbied news outlets not to report that Bergdahl was the subject of negotiations with the Taliban arguing that news stories about him might hurt his chances of being released or even imperil his life Behind the scenes the Bergdahls and the government worked in tandem “We’ve been in very close contact with the Bergdahls” says a senior Administration official “I visited with them quite a lot They’re very aware of what we have been doing and I very much have appreciated their support” The Pentagon has been working to locate Bergdahl since he went missing “I can assure you that we are doing everything in our power using our intelligence resources across the government to try to locate him” General Martin Dempsey Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff told reporters on May 10 “If you go to the Centcom command center there’s about a 4-by-6-ft poster of Bowe Bergdahl sitting in front of the podium to remind them and therefore us every day that he remains missing in action” he said But in a region as vast and unforgiving as North Waziristan looking for one American soldier held hostage by a group that has long experience with captives is a humbling reminder of the limits of even the world’s most powerful military Art Keller a former CIA officer who took part in the agency’s hunt for terrorists in Pakistan says the few CIA agents who worked in the tribal regions when he was there in 2006 could not even leave the Pakistani army bases that hosted them “I had a local person who worked in that area who I could only communicate with via computer” he says “So I couldn’t even meet with them” The Haqqanis “are so conscious of the use to which we put drones that if they’re going to move anyone they’ll do it in a way that we don’t pick up visual traces” Keller says “Are they going to move [Bergdahl] with a bag over his head Even that would raise suspicion” Another former CIA case officer in Afghanistan and Iraq Patrick Skinner also doubts that either local intelligence or technology is of much help in finding Bergdahl And if he were located sending in a SEAL team or Special Forces to rescue him in such an environment–and in Pakistani territory–would be both practically and politically hazardous “Outside of an incredible intelligence break or luck” says Skinner “the way it’s going to happen is that it’s going to be done through back channels where everybody involved will get something” Talking with the Enemy Three days after his escape the Haqqanis recaptured Bergdahl in the mountains “It was a brief escape and he was easily recovered from the same area He was not familiar with the area and route and then the whole area was controlled by Taliban and therefore escaping was not possible” one of the network’s commanders says The Haqqanis were angry Bergdahl had exploited the honesty poverty and illiteracy of the men assigned to guard him promising them that he would take them to the US if they helped him escape the militant leader says Bergdahl was physically punished for misguiding the fighters who had tried to escape with him says the commander adding that the fighters had been “paralyzed” his grim euphemism for execution Since his recapture says the commander Bergdahl no longer has the freedom to walk around and exercise that he once enjoyed He is still properly looked after he says but “we don’t trust him anymore and keep him in lockup most of the time” Late last fall the US government initiated talks with the Taliban in the Persian Gulf state of Qatar in the hope of bringing an end to the war In the course of the discussions the Taliban told the Americans that they wanted five senior Taliban officials released from Guantnamo a senior Administration official says The US then raised the possibility of including Bergdahl in the process Soon the two sides had a tentative agreement American officials insist it was never a direct exchange “This wasn’t negotiating with terrorists” says the senior Administration official “This wasn’t a swap” Instead they describe each step as a confidence-building measure designed to keep everyone at the negotiating table at an office in Qatar where both sides had agreed that Taliban envoys could safely set up residence The offer to the Taliban from the Americans with Qatar’s approval was this: The Guantnamo detainees would be given jobs reunited with their families and permitted to move around Qatar with some monitoring They would not however be allowed to go back to Afghanistan and they would have to complete a deradicalization program The Americans hoped the agreement would lead to more-comprehensive talks about the role of the insurgent group in Afghanistan after most foreign troops pull out in 2014 In January a delegation from the Afghan Taliban approached the Haqqani network with the proposal members of both groups say and asked that it hand over its prisoner The Haqqanis agreed pledging loyalty to the mainstream Taliban group and Bergdahl was moved across the border back into Afghanistan In order to prove that they were serious the Taliban produced another yet unseen and previously unreported video of Bergdahl says Hekmat Karzai director of the Afghanistan-based Centre for Conflict & Peace Studies who has stayed abreast of the negotiations through his extensive contacts with current and former Taliban members “It was given to the Americans to say ‘Look this guy is alive He is in our custody and we are willing to talk We are willing to potentially swap Bergdahl for those detainees’” Administration officials refused to confirm or deny the existence of a proof-of-life video In early January the Taliban for the first time publicly revealed to individual journalists that they were interested in negotiating with Washington It was a significant departure for a group that has consistently refused to negotiate as long as foreign troops remained in Afghanistan But there was a problem As the talks in Qatar proceeded discussions inside the Taliban movement got heated at times says Karzai particularly between the older more experienced members who were part of the Taliban government toppled in 2001 and the younger recruits who know nothing but battle One senior commander says leaks about the talks had undermined morale “Most of our fighters had stopped fighting and the battlefields became a standstill due to talks with the Americans” But by early March it looked as though everything was set to go Many members of the detainees’ families were already in Qatar preparing for long-anticipated reunions with fathers and husbands they hadn’t seen in a decade And then it all fell apart On March 15 the Taliban suspended the talks citing the Americans’ “unacceptable” conditions Taliban members say the US tacked on a last-minute stipulation that the Taliban announce a cease-fire and lay down arms first “We told them we are willing to announce a cease-fire but you should start pulling out all foreign forces and tell the world that invading Afghanistan and removing the Taliban from power was your mistake but they did not agree” a Taliban leader says “Thus the talks failed” Not surprisingly the US sees it differently “The Taliban refused to agree to the terms we require for a transfer so they walked away” the Obama Administration official says “This proposal … is still very much on the table” But Taliban members say the time for talking may be over They are contending with a split in their ranks that threatens the whole idea of a peace deal with the American and Afghan governments “Had we continued talks for a few more weeks with the US in Qatar our movement would have died a natural death” says a senior Taliban commander operating in Kandahar “Infighting had started among various factions” While an imploding Taliban might appear to be a good thing for the American and Afghan governments a fragmented and more radical Taliban would not be The commander tells TIME that since the talks fell apart there has been a purge in the Taliban leadership Younger and more violent field commanders have been promoted over the more peace-ready old guard and a strict warning has been delivered that any Taliban caught freelance negotiating with the Afghan government or the Americans will be killed On May 12 a Taliban splinter group assassinated Maulvi Arsala Rahmani a former Taliban minister and a member of the government’s High Peace Council in Kabul In a subsequent phone call the group’s spokesman Qari Hamza took responsibility for the attack and declared that its ranks were swelling with Taliban opposed to “the so-called peace talks with the US We formed a separate group that comprises all those genuine Taliban fighters who shed their blood in jihad against the US-led foreign forces for the liberation of Afghanistan” Just a few weeks before he died Rahmani told TIME he was confident that the talks would resume shortly “We are tired of war The Taliban are tired of war and the Americans are tired too Talks are the only solution” In spite of the hardening of the Taliban’s position the Bergdahls and the Obama Administration have not given up hope of negotiating the young Idahoan’s release Although the US government believed that going public about the talks over Bergdahl would be a mistake “You have to have great sympathy for the Bergdahls” says the senior Administration official “and they’ve made their decision here” For the Bergdahls and the Hailey community Bowe’s return would mark the end of a long journey But for Bowe who has been criticized by many for the circumstances surrounding his capture and his appearance in propaganda videos it would be just the start “He will always be separate from everyone else–not an outcast but isolated” says Van Dyk who is still haunted by his own experience “And it won’t be right but he will be called a traitor He has a long road ahead” Back in Hailey where yellow ribbons symbolizing solidarity with Bowe still flutter in the cool mountain breezes Bob and Jani Bergdahl have committed now to pressing their son’s case in public and will appear at a veterans’ rally in Washington on May 27 That event may spark a new round of interest in the US’s only missing soldier in Afghanistan but it is unlikely that it will create enough pressure on any of the key players to bring Bowe home The White House waits for a signal from the Taliban that talks can begin again and the town of Hailey for news of a miraculous release And somewhere in the mountains near the Afghanistan-Pakistan border a young man waits to go home to his family Contact us at [email protected]: Feb 5 7:40 am CVS Caremark announced Wednesday that it will remove cigarettes and all tobacco products from its 7600 pharmacies nationwide by October 1 costing the retailer an estimated $15 billion in annual revenue The move addresses what public health officials and pharmacists have long seen as a hypocritical practice: patients picking up medications to treat disease not to mention smoking-cessation products can also add a pack of cigarettes to their purchase In recent years the disconnect has become even more glaring as retail pharmacies have increasingly shifted their role in the health-care community investing in delivering medical services such as immunizations and other basic care through retail clinics and targeting more wellness-oriented goals Such health-care delivery says Dr Steven Schroeder professor of medicine at the Smoking Cessation Leadership Center at the University of California San Francisco "is in clear conflict with the commercial interests of pharmacy chains in selling tobacco products I think the pressure has been building over the last five years as pharmacies have gotten more into the care-dispensing business" Schroeder co-wrote an essay appearing the latest issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association with CVS Caremarks chief medical officer Dr Troyen Brennan MORE:Thank You Surgeon General: Tobacco Control Has Saved 8 Million Lives The American Medical Association (AMA) supported the decision noting that reducing access to tobacco products is one part of a multi-pronged approach to lowering smoking rates in the US In 2009 the Association urged pharmacies to stop selling tobacco products a position echoed by the American Heart Association the American Cancer Society the American Lung Association and the American Pharmacists Association President Obama issued a statement Wednesday morning praising the step as well “As one of the largest retailers and pharmacies in America CVS Caremark sets a powerful example and todays decision will help advance my Administrations efforts to reduce tobacco-related deaths cancer and heart disease as well as bring down health care costs” Obama said Other aspects of the anti-smoking effort include taxes on tobacco products and increased education and awareness about the dangers of smoking a strategy that began 50 years ago with the first Surgeon General Report on Tobacco which linked smoking to lung disease including cancer Tobacco and smoking causes nearly 500000 deaths each year in the US, even as they pursue very different endgames. 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