As I Lay Dying & The Devil Wears Prada at The Paramount Review

first_imgFor those of you who were able to make it out to The Paramount in Huntington on Wednesday March 20th, you got to witness one of the best metalcore shows of the year.  With a solid line up of bands and each band providing good performances, this concert was one that was not to be missed.  The concert lineup consisted of all Christian metal bands, with The Chariot opening followed by For Today.  As I Lay Dying was slated to headline the show but since they are doing a co-headlining tour, The Devil Wears Prada actually headlined this show.  Although The Devil Wears Prada technically headlined the show, both them and As I Lay Dying played hour long sets, with each band coming back out for an encore as fans cheered “one more song”!!As I Lay Dying absolutely destroyed it from the time they hit the stage to the time their set was over.  They were on fire, and in essentially stole the show.  They sounded about as sharp and polished as any band I’ve ever seen and kept the crowd into it from start to finish.   You could not have asked for a better set as singer Tim Lambesis told the crowd that “for every newer song we’ve got for you, we’re going to play an older one for you also”.   And he kept his word as the set featured songs from they’re debut album, Frail Words Collapse, which was released in 2003 all the way through they’re newest 2012 release Awakened.  Their set list included songs such as “94 hours”, “A Greater Foundation”, “Whispers In Silence”, ”An Ocean Between Us”, “Wasted Words”, “Sound of truth”, and “Nothing Left”, amongst other songs.  I thought they really put together a solid playlist and the entire band was hitting on all cylinders, particularly lead guitarist Nick Hipa, who was absolutely shredding.  Overall I’d give they’re performance easily a 10 out of 10, between the set list they played, how well they played, and most importantly, how they sounded.  This isn’t a band that only plays together when they’re making a album, or when they’re getting ready to go on a huge tour; no, this is a band that is consistently practices together and it shows through their performance on the stage.The Devil Wears Prada took the stage after As I lay Dying finished their set.  Now don’t take this the wrong way, The Devil Wears Prada’s set was killer in and of itself, but it was almost unfair for them to have to follow up As I Lay Dying’s performance even with putting on a hell of a show in their own right.  Like As I Lay Dying’s set, The Devil Wears Prada played a set consisting of songs both old and new.  They started off their set with a few songs off they’re new album Dead Throne which was released in 2012.  They opened with “Untidaled” followed by “Mammoth” and “Vengeance.”  Other songs they played off they’re newest release included “Born To Lose” and “Chicago.”  They played they’re biggest hits off of their 2008 album “With Roots Above And Branches Below” including songs like “Assistant To The Regional Manager” and “Sassafras.”  They played a few songs off their 2006 debut album Plagues, but for the most part concentrated on their more recent and well-known material.  The highlight of their set was when they played “Outnumbered” off they’re Zombie EP that was released in 2010, which in my eyes, has some of their heaviest stuff on it.  Overall I’d give their performance about a 8.5/9 out of 10.  They played tight together, picked a good set list, and overall delivered on all fronts.All in all it was a very great show, with both of the big bands delivering everything you’d expect and then some.  And while The Devil Wears Prada played an absolutely awesome show, As I Lay Dying stole took the prize with their performance.  Both bands put on incredible performances, sounded extremely tight, and simply throw down with some high energy playing.-Ben GoldAs I Lay Dying “Whispering Silence” (sick guitar solo at 3-minute mark):The Devil Wears Prada “Outnumbered”:last_img read more

Jon “Barber” Gutwillig of The Disco Biscuits Launches Kickstarter For BadPuss – A New “Popumentary”

first_imgAccording to Disco Biscuits’ guitarist Jon “Barber” Gutwillig is busy working on a new project as “The Music Man” for the upcoming “popumentary” BadPuss. The movie follows a fictional all-girl band of the same name. BadPuss is described as “a story of misguidance, hedonistic lesbians and leopard print bikinis.”Barber has gathered up musicians Steve Molitz (Particle), Clay Parnell, (Brothers Past) and Dave Butler to help work on original music for BadPuss. There is currently a Kickstarter campaign going in order to raise a $25,000 goal to help produce the film. There are several reward packages available at different levels of contribution. For example, you can contribute as low as $15 and your reward is your name in the credits OR at $5000 your name as the Executive Producer and all access! You can contribute to the Kickstarter by following this link here.last_img read more

Catskill Chill Announces VIP Program

first_imgThe Catskill Chill‘s lineup is solidified, bunks are filling up, and camping tickets are well on their way to selling out as well.  Today, they announced their VIP Upgrades, which will include all of the coveted amenities from last year, while adding convenient Lakeside VIP Camping and dedicated golf cart shuttles to whisk guests and their gear to their home for the weekend. They will also include a hot VIP-only brunch during the first set on Saturday and Sunday in a newly expanded Main Stage VIP viewing area. Do not wait to get your VIP upgrades this year, as supplies are limited!One of the newer festivals in the music scene, Catskill Chill has garnered a rabid following from “Chill Family” who will swear that they will never miss one of these amazing gatherings.  The Chill features 60 artists including: The Meter Men featuring Zigaboo Modeliste, Leo Nocentelli and George Porter, Jr. with special guest Page McConnell; Lotus; Galactic; Conspirator; Lettuce; Papadosio; Tea Leaf Green; The Motet – Funk is Dead; Particle, Dopapod; Kung Fu; Sister Sparrow & the Dirty Birds and many more. This event is expected to sell out for the second year in a row. Tickets and VIP upgrades are available now at Catskill Chill Tickets.  The full lineup is below.The festival is set to take place September 6th – 8th at Camp Minglewood in Hancock, New York.Catskill Chill VIP Upgrades Include:• Elevated and Expanded VIP Viewing Lounge at the Main Stage• Private VIP cash bar at the Main Stage featuring discounted beverages and complimentary snacks• VIP Mimosa Brunch in the VIP Viewing Lounge Saturday and Sunday• Picturesque Lakeside VIP Camping, a short stroll from the Main Stage• Swift VIP Festival Entrance• VIP Parking in nearest lot to the main stage• Golf Cart Shuttle Service to whisk VIPs and their gear to their campsite or cabin upon arrival onFriday, and for your departure on Monday• 2013 Catskill Chill Commemorative T-Shirt• 2013 Catskill Chill Commemorative Poster• Commemorative VIP Laminate*** this VIP ticket is an upgrade and must be paired with a General Admission ticket to the 2013 Catskill Chill to gain festival entry. VIP upgrades will not be honored without the purchase of a General Admission ticket***2013 CATSKILL CHILL LINEUP:The Meter Men ft. Zigaboo Modeliste, Leo Nocentelli and George Porter, Jr. with special guest Page McConnellLotusGalacticConspiratorLettucePapadosioTea Leaf GreenThe Motet – Funk is DeadParticleDopapodKung FuRAQSister Sparrow & The Dirty BirdsBrothers PastOrchard LoungeEric Krasno BandAlan Evans TrioYarnHeadtronicsCabinet & Cabinet Dead SetBiodieselConsider the Source AcousticGhost OwlJimkataThe McLovinsAmerican BabiesTwiddleTurkuazDamn Right with DJ LogicShmeeans & The Expanded ConsciousnessLeroy JusticeZ3Brock Butler AcousticTom Hamilton & FriendsThe MantrasFiKusHigher OrganixViral SoundSpiritual RezLucidThe Primate FiascoWobblesauceAqueousCosmic Dust BunniesGreenhouse LoungeCosmic JibarosShwizZlast_img read more

Pioneer CDJ Nixes CDs For New USB-Only System

first_imgMany are praising technology while others feel it has gone too far, as we may be saying goodbye to CDs for good. Pioneer DJ has launched its first ever USB-only deck.The Pioneer CDJ-1000 sparked a revolution for DJs, allowing them to put aside vinyl for the more modern CD in the early 2000s. Now, the company is transitioning entirely to USB with the brand new XDJ-1000. The game-changing model comes equipped with a full-color touch screen, a keyword search function to allow for faster browsing, new beat jump/loop features, and many more updates for maximum mixing ease.Watch an introductory video to the new platform:Check out the full press release here.last_img

Aaron Neville Added To Bowlive VI Lineup

first_imgThe second Bowlive announcement has rolled in, slating Aaron Neville to join Soulive for night two of their annual 8-night Brooklyn Bowl run. The Shady Horns and Rustic Overtones will also join that night.Last week we announced that Charles Bradley has been revealed as the guest for night one, with WOLF! ft. Scott Metzger opening.Tickets for all Bowlive nights are available on Brooklyn Bowl’s website.last_img

What We Learned About LSD, Jerry Garcia and Adam Deitch From Bill Kreutzmann

first_imgOn the heels of the highly anticipated release of his autobiography, Deal: My Three Decades Of Drumming, Dreams and Drugs With The Grateful Dead, Bill Kreutzmann stopped by HuffPost Live along with the book’s co-author, Benjy Eisen, to talk about LSD, Jerry Garcia, his favorite current musicians and much more.“It’s Fear and Loathing in Bill Kreutzmann’s living room,” Eisen says. “He’s still living [these stories] on a daily basis.”Host Ricky Camilleri prompts a story in which Garcia and Kreutzmann had always planned to get sober and go scuba diving in Hawaii once the Dead broke up. Since Bill was the only one to make it out to Hawaii, did he indeed get sober?“No, far from it. We have little beach get togethers and drumming and late night get togethers that are just all the fun in the world. But it’s also balanced by a healthy life.”Eisen and Kreutzmann first met on Jam Cruise when Eisen interviewed him for Rolling Stone. Prior to the interview, Kreutzmann asked Eisen if he had found any good acid on the boat, so Eisen went on a hunt, reporting back that there wasn’t anything good enough quality for him. “People get nervous about me talking about acid like it’s gonna be something that will hurt my career,” Kreutzmann says. To which the host responds, “YOU’RE THE DRUMMER OF THE GRATEFUL DEAD! If I wanted to get acid I’d go to the parking lot of one of your shows!”Regardless, though, Kreutzmann says “We are about playing great music. We’re not about taking drugs. Nobody in our band has ever said ‘kids, go out and take drugs’…We weren’t about drugs, we were about music. And if people needed to take drugs to feel better with the music, so be it!”He talks about acid not being right for everyone, and about cocaine being a darker drug. When he had to do cocaine after every song during a show in the 70s, he realized it was a problem.Kreutzmann goes on to talk about Jerry being his biggest musical influence, also focusing on Jerry the person, rather than Jerry from the Dead. Something he always found fascinating was that Jerry would take the time to talk people down who were on bad acid trips. “He was the biggest hearted man I know.” But, there are other people who could influence people just as much as Jerry did. “I think it’s a mistake to stay locked into anything,” he says. “Moving the music from one time period to another and having it change is really important.”Guess who’s Billy’s favorite current drummer? “Adam Deitch is my new favorite hero. That cat plays so beautifully and so natural. People listening to this probably think, ‘wait a minute Billy, he’s a hip-hop drummer,’ but none of that matters. When you see somebody play who plays from their heart and is just playing music really well, that’s all it is. You don’t talk genre, you don’t talk type of music, you just enjoy what you’re hearing. I just came back from New Orleans two days ago, I did four nights at the Republic till 4 in the morning, and the times I wasn’t playing before that I went and saw Adam play, and it was amazing. And one of my favorite bass players of all time, Oteil Burbridge was playing bass in that band. But he’s the guy, man. If you’re a drummer, go listen to Adam.”Exclusive Video | Grateful Dead’s Bill Kreutzmann Sits In SuperGroup w/ Lettuce MembersOf course, the topic veers back to LSD and Billy talks about his first acid trip. “It was the most important, and it was a key. The key to this. I was 18 and all along, society, my parents, school, said ‘this is how it is.’ And I was always suspicious. I didn’t believe this was all there was. I believed there was a hell of a lot more out there than I was being taught. Then I took acid and the LSD said, ‘yeah you’re right!’”Guess what? Kreutzmann is a Game of Thrones fan! He caught the Grateful Dead references, but thinks they could apply to many things, not just the Dead.George R.R. Martin Is A Deadhead; Confirms Game Of Thrones Full Of Grateful Dead ReferencesWatch the whole interview on HuffPost Live here.last_img read more

Phish’s Mike Gordon Continues To Debut New Material On Solo Tour

first_imgPhish bassist Mike Gordon kicked off his solo tour last Friday, delivering a bounty of new material and covers to the crowd in Charleston, SC. The tour continued in similar fashion last night as well, June 6th, as Gordo showed off some more new material in Atlanta, GA.The band, which consists of Scott Murawski, Robert Walter, John Kimock and Craig Myers, debuted their third new original of the tour, a song entitled “Take It As It Comes.” The show also featured a debut cover of Fiona Apple’s “Sleep To Dream,” and some familiar tunes from the Phish canon, including “Yarmouth Road,” “555.” “Meat,” and “Sugar Shack.”You can see the full setlist below:Setlist: Mike Gordon at Center Stage in Atlanta, GA, 6/6/15Set One: Here Today, Long Black Line, Sleep To Dream*, Sugar Shack, Are You A Hypnotist?, Different WorldSet Two: Only A Dream, 555, Take It As It Comes^, The Last Step, Andelmans’ Yard, Face, Normal Phoebe, Yarmouth Road, How Many People Are YouEncore: Meat, How Do I Know?* Fiona Apple cover ^ new Gordon/Murawski debutlast_img read more

Watch Gary Clark Jr’s New Soulful Music Video For ‘The Healing’

first_imgAfter the release of his sophomore album, The Story Of Sonny Boy Slim last week, Gary Clark Jr. has released a music video for the album’s first tune, “The Healing”. The song, as L4LM’s Dave Melamed notes, puts the entire album in perspective. “The anthemic tune gives our first taste of Gary Clark Jr., soulfully singing about his divine devotion to music. The “music” in question is open-ended, giving Clark the freedom to explore various genres under the umbrella of optimism and healing.”Gary Clark Jr. Destroys New Single On FallonThe video follows a young woman, played by Clark’s finance Nicole Trunfio, looking in every which direction to find a remedy to what ails her. After all else fails, the woman finds herself around a bonfire where Clark and two others cure her of her sickness. Check out the video below:last_img read more

Watch Dopapod’s Awesome Cover Of Ween’s ‘Buckingham Green’

first_imgDopapod is currently crushing it on their fall tour, and a recent stop in Buffalo was no exception. The four-piece prog rockers took The Tralf by storm with an explosion of funky jams and groovy melodies. One highlight of the evening, without question, was the band’s powerful take on Ween’s “Buckingham Green.”Watch Dopapod’s Full Show From Last Weekend’s Throwdown In BrooklynWith the recent confirmation of a forthcoming Ween reunion run in Colorado, this cover couldn’t have been more timely! Check it out below, via Buffalo.FM.Watch: Dopapod Covers Ween’s “Buckingham Green”Setlist: Dopapod at The Tralf, Buffalo, NY – 11/18/15One Set: Give it a Name, 8 Years Ended, Onionhead*@ > Brookline Bridge, Buckingham Green^ > Sonic, Upside of Down, Priorities -> Chim Chim Cher-ee jam# -> Bats in the Cave -> Trapper KeeperE: Weird Charlie Pt. 2 > Weird Charlie Pt. 1*contained Baby You’re a Rich Man teases^Ween cover#from Mary Poppinslast_img read more

Pigeons Playing Ping Pong Announce ‘Wintour’ 2016 Dates

first_imgJust days after their New Years run, premiere funk act Pigeons Playing Ping Pong will once again hit the road for a major tour in winter of 2016. After a run of two shows in the Northeast, the Pigeons will head down to the Southeast and eventually link up with moe. to provide support on their two-night run at the Ram’s Head Live venue in Baltimore, MD.The remainder of the tour sees the band gradually head West, with stops at the AURA Music Festival and shows with Aqueous and The Main Squeeze along the way. You can check out the full schedule below, and head to the band’s website for details.Pigeons Playing Ping Pong 2015/16 Tour Dates12/18 – Pittsburgh, PA – The Rex Theater 12/19 – Philadelphia, PA – Ardmore Music Hall 12/30 – Richmond, VA – The Broadberry 12/31 – Asheville, NC – New Mountain Theatre 1/1 – Charleston, SC – Charleston Pour House 1/2 – Roanoke, VA – Martin’s  1/22 – Syracuse, NY – Funk ‘N Waffles  1/23 – Stratton, VT – Grizzly’s 1/28 – Charlotte, NC – The Rabbit Hole   1/29 – Raleigh, NC – The Pour House  1/30 – Wilmington, NC – Calico Room  2/6 – State College, PA – The State Theatre  2/26-27 – Baltimore, MD – Rams Head Live $  3/3 – Athens, GA – The Georgia Theatre ^  3/4-5 – Live Oak, FL – Aura Music and Arts Festival  3/17 – Columbus, OH – Woodlands Tavern 3/18 – Covington, KY – Madison Live  3/19 – Indianapolis, IN – The Mousetrap  3/22 – Frisco, CO – The Barkley Ballroom  3/24-25 – Telluride, CO – Fly Me to the Moon 3/26-27 – Steamboat Springs, CO – Old Town Pub  3/31 – Fort Collins, CO – Hodi’s Half Note*   4/1 – Boulder, CO – The Fox Theatre*   4/2  – Denver, CO –  Cervantes*  4/5 – Lawrence, KS – The Bottleneck  4/6 – Davenport, IA – Redstone Room  4/7 – Chicago, IL – 1st Ward/Chop Shop  4/8 – Grand Rapids, MI – The Stache   4/9 – Cleveland, OH – Beachland Ballroom  $ – w/Moe.  ^ – w/The Main Squeeze  *-  w/Aqueouslast_img read more